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WillSheExplode Review

Site Overview

I cannot remember the last time I masturbated. However, today I woke up feeling like I was in the mood for some good sex. There has been a lot of raving about the porn site, WillSheExplode. As the avid porn lover that I am, I decided to review it for you. WillSheExplode is a porn site that has everything that you will need to gain sexual fulfillment. The site hosts a lot of masturbation scenes and hardcore fucking encounters that will leave you with your mouth wide open. I must say, I never get surprised easily but the size of fists that go inside these porn stars pink pussies and assholes caught me off-guard but I must say, this is a porn site that is known for the most epic action. The resilience that the stretched pussies have is quite amazing. I am sure that you have never gotten hooked as easily as you will get stuck on the action on this site.

WillSheExplode is a site that does not have a lot of cocks to showcase and this is a refreshing point of view. It’s about time we picked up skills that are centered on horny girls who are literally fucking dildos. The sex toys that are showcased on the scenes are clearly the biggest that can be found on the market. You should get prepared for what you are about to see because the action that is featured on these pages is out of this world. The best thing about WillSheExplode is the fact that it is focused on pornstars and in the company of the best, you already know that anything goes.

Membership is inclusive of access to several bonus sites that cover a variety of fetishes. This means that you will not only be subjected to toy play but there is potential for a lot more entertainment. There are also bonus feeds that bring you content that features thousands of hardcore DVDs. The level of entertainment on WillSheExplode is incomparable. There are many amateur sites that have successfully tried to mimic the content that this site offers. The truth is that even in adult entertainment, some things are better left to the professionals. As part of the FuckingAwesomeNetwork, this site comprises of 34+ exclusive scenes. The bonuses and extras make up for the lack of content. The update schedule is irregular but from time to time, the site tries to make an effort to provide its members with brand new content. The limited amount of content is also understandable as WillSheExplode has only been in existence for a short while. Therefore, you can still hold on to the hope of the potential for growth.

The site boasts of quality especially because the scenes are on the higher side. The level of clarity is great and the scenes do not have blurry moments. On the contrary, many sites are known to feature content that is filled with instances of airbrushing. WillSheExplode is just perfect. The scenes are coupled with high-resolution images in a gallery that is full of surprises. The video streaming and downloads are flawless. The site also pays great attention to detail by ensuring that minute factors such as the sound quality is truly on point. The wild action couple with all the benefits that you get when you sign up makes WillSheExplode a site that is worth the wait.

Design & Features

Taking a tour through this site will not only account for a great time but will also let you enjoy the collection in the best way. The tour will show you the sum-total of everything that WillSheExplode has to offer. The bold title of the site has to come from the mystery that these pages of entertainment hold. Navigating is pretty easy and the site’s fabulous features will take you where you want to go. Luckily, the entire collection is at your disposal. Although the site was launched only in 2010, it underwent a refurbishment to ensure that it stays modern and fresh. The presentation is up to standard. There are links that will easily let you download the flicks and no annoying advertisement or pop-ups as you browse through the site. WillSheExplode has done a good job of keeping its house in order.

Girls & Videos

It is clear that the porn stars on WillSheExplode are not there to show off their singing skills. Through their many years of being part of the porn industry, they have picked up a few skills and you will realize that they have been saving them all for this moment. They are the sexiest bunch that you will ever see and for the FuckingAwesomeNetwork, you should not expect any less. They choose the biggest dildos that they could find and place them strategically. What follows is thorough fucking.

The action is hotter than you will find on most porn sites. Due to the massive size of the dildos, their pussies are stretched beyond the limit and they seem to love every moment of it. There are a few full on sex scenes to break the ice. These ones are also no exceptions because you will only be able to see the biggest cocks that will make you squirt. When the action begins, you may break your neck in efforts to properly see what kind of antics the porn stars are up to. Every moment of the action is truly worth it. On the scenes, you will be able to spend time with the likes of Rebecca Time, Mason Moore, Lucky Benson and Alicia Pierce among many others. These are girls that you know and have grown to love over the years. Therefore, you know exactly what they are capable of. You will not be disappointed by the way they explode into orgasms fund the fun that they bring.


Regardless of whether you want to see red, blue, pink or black humongous dildos, they can all be found on WillSheExplode. The site has made it a point to make everything about it intriguing. The extras and bonus feeds ensure that there is a decent amount of content for you to enjoy.



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