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XLGirls Review

Site Overview

XL Girls has been in existence for a very long time and it is quite commendable that with each new dawn, the site keeps getting better. Unlike many other sites that were started around the same time have either shut down or simply, remained obsolete outdated and backward, XL Girls has brought refreshment in the plus size porn industry and keeps doing so you might actually think it started yesterday.

Design & Features

Compared to the new sites in this fantastic niche, XL Girls has been able to stay true to its core mandate. With the new dawn, the site has kept in touch with the ever-changing technologies and ways of doing things. Going into the design, props to the webmaster for a rather pretty design. I like the design and functional layout. Would have loved to see a heavy red or purple background but the present color is just fine. What I like is the well marked and arranged menus and icons that grace the site’s homepage and members’ area.

Also, a plus of the site is that it is accessible not just from the PCs but also from other mobile devices including Smartphones and tablets. A case in point is when I was in a family gathering back home and had a desire to let off some steam. I simply excused myself, went to my cousin’s room, locked the door, flushed out my phone and went crazy right there. A video of BBW lesbians going down on each other did the trick for me. I lay there touching my perfectly manicured pussy and cummed thrice. That was a memorable get together if I do say so myself.

Girls & Videos

XL Girls boasts of some of the best known professional models in the plus size porn industry as well as a good number of unknown amateur porn stars to meet everyone’s needs and desires. The way these women perform the sex scenes is a beautiful sight to behold. The site has an overwhelming collection of over 1230 videos. With such an immense collection of videos, members are guaranteed a bunch of bonus sites.

What’s more? Members have unlimited access to extras such as Feed Her Fuck Her which is a pretty awesome deal. Videos are accompanied by galleries. The site boasts of a commanding 2562 galleries full of magazine quality shots divided as per the desires of the users. These can either be downloaded or viewed in a slideshow format which is an extra feature that I find to be pretty cool.

In a particular photo set that involves Scarlet Rouge, a naive gorgeous blonde who goes for a job interview is pretty damn hot. The shift from interview to making out is rather quick and I love how the boss enjoying eating her boobs, licking them and the sex is out of this world crazy. Every time I remember the scenes from the photos, I spoil my panties with wet hot lava from my pussy.


I can quite rightly state that I adore plump, plus size models and the site has been able to fulfill all my desires. I love the fact that you can get all types and sizes of busty women in this site. Every feature of the site meets my level of expectations and with that; I totally recommend the site to everyone who is crazy about a plump girl getting some. The ticket to checking out the site is just signing up, and paying the pocket-friendly members fee. It will take you just a matter of seconds.


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