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XLoveGay will be your ultimate destination if you are looking for hot gay live shows.


XLoveGay Review

Site Overview

Finding the man who floats your boat with desire may not be as hard of a task as it seems. Gay webcam sex sites are not ones that you find in abundance but if you run into a good one, it is hard to resist the temptation that urges you to sign up and experience even more. This site has been able to change the game for all of the right reasons. As you will slowly but surely realize, price does not matter when it comes to bagging the right gay cam site.

XLoveGay has a new or never attitude that lets you know that not signing up is a decision that you will probably regret for a very long time. As far as we are concerned, you should never settle for anything other than the best and as such, XLoveGay will fulfill all of your sexual desires. Read on to find out if we are right or we are right! All gay lovers are about to experience pleasure in its rarest form. Even if you are just bisexual or sexually fluid, you will also find some much-needed pleasure on XLoveGay.

Any adult site that begins with an ‘X’ lets you know that you are in for much more kink than you can be able to handle. This cam site is probably like you imagine it, filled with handsome men who are open-minded and ready to entice you in ways that you have never experience before. Although the site is not a cutting edge portal that is filled with over-the-top bling and crazy webcam technology, it still does its best by sticking to the basics and giving you a great platform where you can enjoy interacting with the man of your dreams. Therefore, if you are a basic gay, XLoveGay will have all of a lot to offer. You will not be disappointed. This webcam site operates on the policy, ‘a gentleman never tells…’ Whatever goes on inside the chat rooms is considered private and only between you and the other concerned party (or parties).

Many porn lovers are usually afraid to sign up to webcam chat sites because of the lack of privacy but XLoveGay guarantees you professionalism at its best. In fact, you simply signing up using a nickname and this way, you will not be recognizable. The best part about it is that registration is a matter of a few minutes, therefore, in no time, you can be enjoying what XLoveGay has to offer. Flirting, going to bars hoping to meet a lucky stranger and chitchatting about life is something meant for the heterosexuals? Here, hot gays simply want to get down to dirty business on live webcams and you will be happy to oblige. The site may not have hundreds of guys online at any particular time but one thing is for sure, whoever you end up chatting with will be a great match.

Design & Features

We have already established the fact that XLoveGay is a portal filled with sexy hunks who are ready to rock your world. Well, the site has good features to go with it. There is an advanced search feature that lets you easily find all that you are looking for and saves your time that you would have spent literally going through the entire site. All of the chats are HD webcam chats and not only will you get excitement but you will appreciate the quality that goes with it.

The site is equipped with a 2-way audio to ensure that members can have flawless communication with the models. It is quite easy to keep track of who is online at any particular time because the site allows you to build a personal list as well as a favorites list that will also enable you to pick up your last chats where you left them off. Now, how do you like the sound of that? XLoveGay enables members to peek into other member’s sex chats in order to get some motivation. Whether the models are online or offline, you can still be able to contact them and send the messages. These are the features that make of XLoveGay a killer site.

Guys & Videos

The guys on XLoveGay make sexual encounters simple. Long gone are the days where gays had to hide, hoping to get laid in secret and finding it hard to get dressed and do the walk of shame the next morning. In this perfect sexy world, everything happens without any complications, allowing you to always be in the driver’s seat unless you choose to give up control to any of the amazing models that you will meet here.

The site did a brilliant job on its model roster because all of the gays are very handsome. You will get a taste of different backgrounds and ethnicities, from Twinks to jocks to daddies, you will be beside yourself with pleasure. All of the men use enticing names such as ‘HardhotBody’ or ‘BenHot’. You are free to choose whatever appeals to you and as such, you can kick off the sex chats on your own terms. All of the models are highly responsive and are well-vested in the process. Meeting your match is easy because the easiness in having conversations always lets you know if you want to keep talking to the models or not.

All of the models have been properly vetted, thus, finding that perfect someone should not be a complicated or even a scary process. It does not matter if you prefer athletic bodies, well-toned skin on blue eyes, XLoveGay has provided all that you could ever imagine here. It is clear that the models are true professionals because they are very capable of hiding conversations and even exciting you further with all the trot they have under their sleeves. You do not have to limit yourself to a single model. Some chat in twos’ to give you that threesome experience while you can also choose to chat with multiple models at threesome time. Either way, you will be glued that you joined this adult platform.


XLoveGay is the answer to your prayers. The models are perfect, promising to give you that one-of-a-kind chats experience that you have always been hoping for. Apart from that, the site is well-packed with features that will make interacting on the platform one of the easiest tasks that you have ever have to do. There aren’t many gay cam sites out there but this one has to be the absolute best for obvious reasons. The elegant design and the promise to connect you without any hassles make this site simply brilliant.


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