YoungCourtesans Review



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YoungCourtesans has hot porn videos with fresh and sexy chicks going wild and dirty.


YoungCourtesans Review

Site Overview

YoungCourtesans features wild and hot amateur models having crazy hardcore sex scenes with ripped studs. There is a lot of action for the pleasure of the users in store, they just need to visit the site to experience the quality.

Design & Features

As soon as you reach the landing page of the website you are notified that it contains explicit adult content not suitable for audience under the age of majority and that the material should be acceptable in the community that the user resides or belongs to, should this not be the case, he is redirected to google upon clicking the exit button. However, upon entering, the user is transported to a whole database of porn exclusive to the site that cannot be found anywhere else in the freebie porn websites.

The design of the website features a very homely setting, with white colored brick walls as the background and flower vases and such, considering this is a website that emulates what happens when women meet their courtesans behind closed doors, it seems very befitting and apt, I liked the creativity and thought behind it, otherwise the background is just a random disinteresting color. The header of the site features a single eye staring at the screen which looks like it’s staring at the user coupled with the logo in white and pink with the phrase, sex is not cheap but the position is priceless. The site goes on to explain the meaning of a courtesan and it reads “A mistress, usually with a high social position, who has sexual relationships with rich or important men in exchange for money“

Girls & Videos

The website quotes “you’ve seen these women looking for courtesans now you’ll see what happens when they find one”. The girls on the website are a treat to watch, tight pussies, jiggly titties and long lustrous hair, watch them moan with pleasure as their courtesans as they fuck them hard and for long, each video lasts around 30 minutes and you will be surprised as to how much action is jam-packed within those 30 minutes.

Different positions, different places, they switch it up more than you can count. The videos are lined up singularly and not in a grid form which makes way for clearer pictures and greater descriptions. Each video has been rated by users so you can see which ones are popular. The homepage itself features tons and tons of videos for you to see and there are much more if you dig in. Videos are updated weekly so the user doesn’t have to worry about the lack of quantity.

There are more than 450 high quality videos on this website. The videos can be downloaded or viewed according to your choice, they can be viewed in mp4 in 4000k in 1920×1080 and in WMV in 5000k in 1920×1080 resolution. They can be viewed in browser in Flash format at 800×600 resolution. There are a collection of 45 galleries to choose from and download into zip files and there are on average 100 pictures in each gallery.

On the mobile, YoungCourtesans fares well, it is compatible with iPod touch, iPad, Mac book, Windows phone, iPhone, Android and Linux so all major operating systems are covered here. The videos rarely buffer and I do not know how they have managed to do that and download speeds are very very good because their server is on point.


This website is highly recommended as there is a lot of variety of scenes and models. The scenes are tastefully shot and the themes are well put together, you do not see two videos of the same kind on this website and I appreciate the effort they have put in this respect.


Videos More than 450 Videos
Pics More than 45 Picture Sets
Download Available
Categories hardcore, amateur

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