YoungThroats Review



YoungThroats has an amazing collection of hardcore porn videos featuring the best blowjobs that you have ever seen.


YoungThroats Review

Site Overview

The deep throat cock sucking action that is found on YoungThroats will be part of your imagination for a long time. The site gives amateur fresh faces a chance to enjoy their first gagging experience while providing you with the best kind of entertainment. On YoungThroats, the first impression is everything. It is not hard to see that TeenCoreClub has put a lot of effort into ensuring that every second of the action is incredible. The art of blowjobs is something that has always been left to professional porn stars but this site will prove to you that everyone has a gagging monster inside them. Deep throat sex has never been so exquisite. YoungThroats is a sum-total of all the elements that other deep throats site on the internet care to showcase. If you love a good blowjob scene then this site will ensure that you live the dream. The feeling of excitement will shoot through your body as you watch these fresh faces showing how kinky they can get.

This site is not for everyone. Feeble-minded porn lovers may find the aggressive action too hard to handle. Cock-sucking is not all that you can look forward to on this site. There is a variety of exclusive images and movies that will get you hooked to this pool of gag. As the site has a good update frequency, members can always count on enjoying brand new movies from time to time. The originality of all the scenes is really appealing and not like ordinary sexual scenes that you would watch on any other sites. 13 bonus sites are included with membership. Therefore, members can enjoy hundreds of movies at the price of one. There are live cams that are used for chats. This site is all about being interactive; chatting with the models is a great way to keep the members interested. Blowjobs is one of the kinkiest sex themes that we know of today. YoungThroats is well focused on the illusion of crossing all the boundaries. It offers porn content in its best form. Read on if you want to know exactly what the site has to offer.

Design & Features

YoungThroats has a user-friendly interface, thus an easy navigation system. There are thumbnails that are conveniently splattered all over the page and are the getaway to the site’s movies. Since all the scenes look interesting and enticing, it may be hard to decide exactly where to start. The site’s simplicity also manifests itself in the scene shots which may be tempting but are generally very basic. The latest updates will lead you to the newest movies. Also, navigation will take you through the home page, bonus sites, and the live cams. Their extras and support contain help features and anything extra that the site has to offer. In true porn fashion, YoungThroats solely focuses on the scenes rather than other elements of the site.

There are preview screenshots that eagerly shows what is to be expected of the site. The photos are also going to give you a lasting impression. YoungThroats may be amongst the site with the widest gallery collection. However, there may be similarities among some of the photos. The movie episodes come with descriptions and also contain a set of photos. Members can easily save their favorite photo sets and view them at any time. There is no shortage of movies and photos to choose from. YoungThroats offers the best membership experience.

Girls & Videos

The models on YoungThroats are attractive fresh faces that are eager to suck dick. Size does not matter to them. Gagging the dicks down their throats seems to be the best part of their day. The story plot of the site is a straight forward one that ends in the best blowjob that you have ever seen. Often times, the point of focus are the models’ faces but if you look closely, you will realize that they have sexy bodies too. Being relatively new to the industry, the models on YoungThroats do their best to put on a professional show for you. There are a couple of them who pull up with the gagging intensity to an extent that tears flow down their faces. Even so, they opt to keep going because every second of pleasure is worth it.

A good number of the models look really calm and relaxed. They savor each moment of the action. Even if their partners need to go further, they are happy to please. Even though some mouths may not seem like they can handle the extra-large cocks, do not underestimate these beauties. As soon as the movies begin, you will realize that they have a bag full of sexy treats. In this case, their mouths and tongues do the trick. Most of the models are slender and athletic. This creates a running theme that does not disappoint. Even men who prefer curvy women will surely find something to love about this site. You can tell a lot about the models through their body language. They do not care about being pushed and pulled by their partners. Models such as Gema, Hennessey, Devon and Tristan are some of the best models that the site has to offer. They exude the confidence of professional porn stars. The movies are razor-sharp and can be streamed and downloaded in various formats. The site has over 125 movies with a run-time of 25 minutes each and a similar number of galleries. YoungThroats has done a good job of pot only using WMV download options but also dial up and broadband covering.


Throat fucking sites have gained popularity all around adult entertainment. YoungThroats is not an exception. Even though the models are new to the game, they will give show-stopping action. The movies are everything you have ever desired and more. If you are a deep throat porn lover, this is the best site for you. Take a look at the site now!



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