18Interracial Review



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18Interracial gives you access to some of the most exciting interracial porn scenes.


18Interracial Review

Site Overview

They may look cute and innocent on the outside, but the girls on 18Interracial are anything but! Taking it dirty, on their hands and knees, they eat, suck and fuck more black cock then you would expect them to handle. Focusing on the 10-inch black cock VS tiny white hottie, the site has its target market well figured out and hopes that you fall within it.

Design & Features

Taking a leave out of many other adult websites, this site uses its color scheme to good effect. A pink and blue color palette gives the site innocent undertones, while the thumbnails and preview video gives you the real story. Layout is your usual fare of banner, preview video and a collection of scene thumbnails that are featured on the site. There is also the ever present links directing you to sign up to their membership plans. Navigation around the site is easy, with simple breakdowns of the pages for home, scenes, affiliate network, members and signing up. When trying to load the site on my mobile device, at first I was having some real issues, but after a quick refresh I found the site to load up perfectly. The responsiveness is as I would hope and the site auto-sizes to the device width of my device. The dedicated mobile device layout is a good start and the ease of using videos on the site with it rounds it off nicely.

Girls & Videos

You will probably have never seen so many blond haired beauties gagging on so many massive black cocks. This is pretty much the premise for the site: Sleek, nymphs get deep and dirty with black cocks in any hole they can fit them in, and in some case, even holes they can’t. Scenes include plenty of threesomes, deep throat, facials, double teaming and anal. The girls seem to mostly be amateurs but the guys have definitely got experience behind them, but in all the scenes the actors perform great and keep up the energy really nicely, there is even some very special dynamics between the stars in some of the scenes.

There are at least 100 scenes on the site and on average they last from 25 to 35 minutes normally. They are very professionally recorded, directed and composed. Some scenes are in High Definition, but the age of most of the videos leads me to believe that the majority is only in Standard Definition. This isn’t such an issue with amateur videos though and can give a more authentic, less staged feel to a scene. In addition to each video for the scene there is also a photo gallery, featuring up to 100 high quality photos from an onset shoot. This number can get a little higher with the more professional scene, or when there are more girls involved. Membership plans follow a pretty simple structure and are very affordable. The starting pack is for 1 day, then all the way up to 1 year membership pans. Along with access to the 18 Interracial site, the membership plan gives you bonus access to the Filth Freaks network of affiliated sites. This is a collection of about a dozen niche sites that contain thousands of videos combined.


Beyond the pretty mediocre site design, 18 Interracial manages to pull it off. There is a real drive for content focus and letting you know what is available. There is also a focus on quality and this definitely shines through in the videos. Girls are hot, eager to please and willing to do a lot of dirty stuff on camera. This rounds out a package that will have you coming back for more interracial good times.



Videos More than 100 Videos
Pics More than 100 Pictures Sets
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Warning: the website is no more available, but you can find a very close one here


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