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3Am is a new site offering sensational hardcore porn videos in high definition.


3Am Review

Site Overview

The 3AM is a rather new site, where you can enjoy a fine selection of Euro-centric porn videos. This portal is fresh, crispy, and it still has a long way ahead, but as far as we could tell, it’s on the right track to be a successful porn site. The currently available scenes are really sexy, hardcore and they have everything a good porn movie should have: sex, gorgeous bodies and a big load of cum in the end. As an actually working porn site, the 3AM launched about 2 months ago. The site will follow a weekly update frequency, and when you see what it has for you, you will find it out soon that there are some really fine sex videos in store.

There are more than 50 hardcore scenes on the site, because it launched with a fine base collection, and it has been growing with each passing day. The company behind this site has a few other portals already running. We saw them already, and we have to say that these guys really getting the hang of it, and it they can keep on this strong, they will be a considerable Euro-porn provider. The best of all, the collection is totally exclusive, they were made by a genuine porn production company, so these are not third-party flicks. Naturally, a new site is always good, but to stay ahead of others, good porn is just not enough nowadays. That’s the reason why many new sites are closing after a week: they can’t get into race with the big networks. Well, the 3AM won’t beat the DDF in European porn, but it provides are fine and exciting alternative for those who find mainstream porn boring, or overplaying. Also, there are a few bits of bonuses for you if you become member of the 3AM. You can browse galleries of video captions, and there is a list of hardcore DVDs to view. These movies come from different sources, so they are not exclusive, but the collection is really fine.

Design & Features

You will fall in love with the site as soon as you open it. There is going to be a big banner, which is slideshow, and it shows you some really juicy moments from the videos you can find on the site. Above this, they placed the logo of the site, with the menu next to it. The menu is usable, it can take you to the videos’, the photos and to the models’ list. During the tour, you can open the girls’ profile, but apart from a photo and a short description, you won’t be able to find out more about them. As you will notice, there is no preview video available, so you have to make your decision trusting your own impressions, and our review of course.

After you log in, you can start exploring the collection. It’s been a while since we saw this kind of template on a site, and we were quite surprised to see it in use on a newly launched portal. But, this is a fine build, and we liked it anyway. The menu is on the top, and no matter where you go on the site, it remains there. In fact, there are two menus: one above the banner, which has the favorites and the messaging options, and one below the banner, offering the links to the site’s different areas. The 3AM has a search engine too, which is capable of a bit more complex search on the advanced page. The videos of the site are available for in-browser viewing, and for downloading too. Both methods offer MP4 files to watch. The streamed version is a bit lower in resolution, in order to grant you a better quality. As far as the actual playback is concerned, we found it to be satisfying, and the overall experience was smooth, with barely any lag occurring. The downloads are not lightning fast, but if you choose this method, you will get a very fine quality: 1080p Full-HD videos are available. Also, there are mobile versions. You can access cc. 40 photo galleries. And these are the real deal: 3000×2000 HQ photos are featured in all sets, and each gallery contains about 140 files. Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about flawless viewing: you can download them all in handy zip archives.

Girls & Videos

The chicks on the 3AM are really hot ones. These models are all European hotties, who seem to enjoy it when they can have their fun with their boy or with each other. We found some truly gorgeous hotties here, still in their 20s – they just exploded into this business, and they have fine, natural body. But, if you are looking for busty girls, you should pay attention, because there are a lot: Louisa Lockhart, Lenka Janistinova or Chloe James are busty and sexy. Some models have their breasts enhanced, but it’s not too common.

It’s all studio-made porn, though the scenes here are not exactly from the fully mainstream, all faking types. These are not softcore movies either, but real hardcore ones. Even the solo scenes, which might be softer, are hardcore to the core, and they all feature these hot girls as they fuck themselves hard. The straight scenes featuring everything you like, which means that you can enjoy here a number of scenes with sucking, vaginal fucking, and since it is European porn, a lot of anal penetration takes place too.


The 3AM is a fine hardcore site, and you can browse it whenever you like, but it’s true that watching a scene at 3 AM is quite a magical experience, we recommended that you keep your daily routine, and watch porn whenever you please. These flicks will certainly make you to feel horny and eager to get some fine European porn to your monitor. Though the site is new, we believe it’s going to be around for the long run, and the weekly update frequency just makes it more interesting.


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