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18Eighteen is where you can enjoy the freshest and sexiest chicks going wild and dirty.


18Eighteen Review

Website Overview

To fuck a new and fresh girl is a gift from the gods. Their beautiful fresh, tight bodies are what dreams are made of. The temptation is just too much so it is understandable that so many men fall into the seducing arts of these fresh little sluts. Prepare yourself for some of the best porn action you have ever seen. These delightful, innocent girls will blow your mind when you see what they are really capable of.

Design & Features

Overall, the design choices in 18eighteen are amazing, almost magical, the design from at first sight looks fun, new and fresh, there are no signs of the archaic choices that plague some others porn sites out there. Here, the developers have decided to streamline everything as much as they can in order to offer the best services for their clients. The main site uses a very simple color scheme along with some awesome graphics. You will be greeted with glimpses of what is coming once you buy your precious membership to the site, trailer are everywhere but beautifully placed so they never feel like cluttered one over the other. On the menu side of things the site is as equally functional, there are 3 main menus from which you will be jumping in and out in other to access the site’s content. Load times are pretty fast so you will never be waiting for a page to load, they are loaded almost instantly.

The “Videos” menu will give you access to all videos that have been uploaded since the site’s inception, we are talking about hundreds of videos at just one click of distance. The “Photos” menu will give you access to the image gallery site, where you will gain access to hundreds of galleries and thousands of High-Quality images, each galley is very well identified by a unique name. Last, the “Girls” menu will give you access to each model individually, that way you will be able to find that special girl you like at light speed. The site also has an incredible mobile platform. All content has been optimized by the ever hard working developers so they can fit perfectly into your mobile phone or tablet. All mobile devices of all brands are compatible and so are the different operating systems that are in today’s market: Windows, iOS, and Android are all compatible. There are really no excuses no to enjoy they site’s content anytime and anyplace.

Girls & Videos

All girls from the site’s catalog are amazing; all of them have this innocence that is just too much charming to be true, once they let their dark side take over them that innocence is substituted by a crazy hunger for cock and all sex in general, this girl will take some really huge hard cocks inside all their holes, anal, oral, you name it these girls accept the challenge. All videos are presented in shiny Full HD image resolution. That is full 1080p, the most beautiful image resolution available for this kind of material. It just fits so perfectly with the videos that you will not be able to miss the tiniest of details while watching them. How do you watch the videos? Well, you have to options you can download them in multiple formats so you can pick which one suits the best or you can stream them. Streaming speed is quite nice and you will not find any image tearing at all.


18eighteen is an amazing porn site that will make you happy! Just happy! All content is amazing and prices are quite low. As a bonus, you will be receiving access to 2 more sites full of content. What are you waiting for? Join now.


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