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Asian18 site is highly recommended for all the Asian porn lovers out there.


Asian18 Review

Site Overview

Asians are becoming a favourite in the industry, with their porcelain like skin and submissive sex attitude, the fantasies of the male specie goes wild. They will do whatever you want, in any position that you want. These can be proven in the videos uploaded on Asian18. This site delivers the best Asian sex scenes from girls who are from China, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong and Thailand. They are all natural beauties and full- on performers, these girls will break all the stereotypes that people have over Asians.

Design & Features

The site will show you immediately the kind of performances and the kind of models that you will be able to watch once you sign up as a member. It shows high definition pictures of their models in positions that will make you feel all hot and bothered just by looking at them, some are wearing clothes that are hardly covering their private parts, some of them are showing off their rear, some of them are riding a huge black cock and some of them have their tongue sticking out and pointing towards the tip of a long hard dick.

It will make everyone excited just by looking that their high definition pictures and as you scroll down you will be introduced to their top models, all of which have pictures and cuts of one of their videos on the site with a brief description of them and a 30 second teaser of their videos, they have about 9 front runners that you can view. They have amazing hardcore action and all of their contents are updated regularly. All of their videos are high definition and can be downloaded and transferred into your device, it can also be converted to any format. They also have a customer support hotline that is available 24/7 to assist you and answer your questions regarding the site and your subscription.

Girls & Videos

The models of Asian18 are all hot, sexy and have great bodies; their girls are from Asian countries like Japan, Hong Kong, China and Thailand. One of them is Mika Tan, a tanned skinny Asian girl that loves facial and anal, in one of her videos she was strip teasing in front of the camera while resting outdoor, she introduced herself and started touching her perfectly round breasts, a guy then joined her just when she was thinking about how it would be perfect to have a thick cock inside her. She then fingered herself just as the guy unbuttoned his pants and pulled his hard cock out. She went down on her knees and sucked him slowly and steadily, she started to deep throat him and sucked him faster making the guy moan in pleasure. She lay on a pool chair and took her panties off, the guy then started eating her out, licking and fingering her pussy and playing with her clit, she took her top off and held the guy’s head as his tongue went deeper and deeper into her. He then made her kneel as he inserted his throbbing dick into her, pumping it in and out in a steady pace and a few seconds later he inserted his cock into her tight ass, he pumped and rammed it until he had to pull out and spray his load all over her ass.

Another model that they have is a gorgeous, toned girl named Lily Thai, she is best known for her gangbang action and threesomes, in one of her videos she was surrounded with 3 men with thick, big dicks which got her all excited. She went down on her knees and sucked them one by one, she surely got her hands busy as she gave each and every one of them a handjob, she pulled and tugged their cocks as she licked and sucked them passionately. A few minutes later another guy joined him, making it all 4 cocks that Lily Tan can play with, she grabbed his balls as he held her head and rammed his hard dick into her mouth. Another guy joined after a couple of minutes making it all 5, it was a diverse group as there were 2 long, big black cocks and 3 white hard dicks, it was indeed a chocolate and vanilla feast for her. After all of their dicks were sucked and played with they released all of their cum at the same time on her face leaving her satisfied.

Lana Violet is one of the models on the site that loves hard black cocks, a video of her shows her pacing back and forth in her bedroom, she called her guy friend to come over because she was so horny that she needed a cock as soon as possible to fill her, she then started touching and rubbing her pussy while she was waiting for her guy friend to arrive. When he opened the bedroom door he saw her touching herself as she started without him, he then unbuttoned his polo shirt and kissed her, and she opened his zipper and pulled his pants down and started sucking his massive cock hungrily. He inserted his hard cock into her and she moaned loudly, pleased that what she had been waiting for was finally there, he pounded her in a fast pace and they switched places and she rode him so hard that she was sweating all over. She then gave him one final blow before he climaxed and shot his load all over her face. All of these and more are available to watch in high definition when you become a member of the site.


Asian18 is the fast-growing website that can fulfil all of your Asian fantasies and satisfy your Asian fetish, they have the best-looking models that are cock hungry and sex crazy you would want to watch their videos over and over again. The scenarios are all fresh and the interracial sex scenes are just enough to make you cum yourself.


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