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ButtFormation will be your ultimate destination if you are looking for exclusive and exciting European hardcore porn videos.


ButtFormation Review

Site Overview

ButtFormation is one of the finest European porn sites to watch, especially if you thoroughly enjoy watching hot European ladies getting it on in hardcore sex or just other things that will obviously warrant a possible and inevitable erection. This genius porn site is currently under the management of Stiffia Network and has been around for a couple of years. In that ample time, they have established a trustworthy connection with their audience through their content. Along the way they have had nominations, awards, and countless recognitions from third party porn sites.

ButtFormation is a place where you will find banging hot European vixens who like to show off their perfectly toned bodies and their perky butts. They also enjoy rough sex, masturbation, lesbian loving, and so much more. The site has primary niches that include European girls, hardcore sex, and a bunch of fetishes.

Design & Features

ButtFormation has a pretty rad website with tons of great features. Its simple site design fits perfectly well with the theme they are going for but despite the simplicity, they still managed to make it look really satisfying and elegant. The navigation here is a walk in the park and is very easy to use. The site interface is not bad at all and is even very convenient and straightforward. The site and its content are arranged in a way that is organized and well kept.

The links you will notice, are easily found on the top most part of the site and some helpful links are also found on the bottom. The main page is usually flooded with newly uploaded videos and one of my favorite features would be their write ups for every video they post. The write ups are very descriptive so you will know exactly what to expect and it actually heightens your passion before even engaging to watch the video.

Browsing here is no problem as there are various search tools you can utilize. You can make use of the advanced search bar found at the top or use the pagination link if you like to be more adventurous. You can also sort out the content using their dates, titles, popularity, ratings, and number of views. You may leave comments on the videos or rate them as you like.

The site also houses no less than 5000 photos. These photos are most often in photo sets that can be downloaded in zip files. You may also save them individually. The photos are all in hi resolution so you will enjoy them in great quality. Every single thing here in ButtFormation is exclusive, so you will not be able to find them anywhere else but here. Updates are happening every week, with one or two videos added per week. With each recurring month you renew your membership, you get one bonus site that you can access for free, so make sure to check those out. Do not worry because as long as you have ‘unlocked’ them at each renewal, you get to keep them as this.

Girls & Videos

There are around 20+ models on the site and each of them differ from each other physically wise. What sets these ladies in the same boat is the fact that they love looking at their best in their toned bodies and they love being naughty and being involved in some hardcore sex. The action here is pretty deep and hardcore, but you also get your occasional stripping and some outdoor masturbating scene. You also get plenty of girls sucking cocks in an outdoor setting. Of course, hardcore sex is never absent here and the best thing about all these? You kind of watch them from a first person perspective, so it actually feels like you are part of the action.

All the videos in here are in great high definition quality and a lot of the videos already have the option of viewing them in 4K resolution. As we speak, there are currently more than 70 videos in the site. You can either stream them on your browser with an embedded Flash player – make sure it is updated – or you can download the videos in MP4 or WMV format. You can choose from the 1920 x 1080 pixel resolution in most videos while some can be viewed in delicious 4K resolution. The older ones have lower resolution but are still pretty decent. There are no download limits so you can save as much as you want. Also, if you are streaming in your browser, you can always resize your player the way you want it. It will not affect the resolution it holds. All the content here is exclusive, so you will not find any of the videos anywhere else.


I enjoyed my time in here and I have not gotten an ounce tired of this amazing porn site. Stiffia Network is a genius for bringing ButtFormation to us, because it could well be a good place to get a guaranteed stiffy. Puns aside, you will get the most delicious videos that do not only have great deliverance but great quality, as well.

ButtFormation is not only about the butt, it is so much more than that. The site has great potential and the content count is great despite only having been around for a short period of time. The site has wonderful features and there is so much you could do in here. I am most definitely recommending this site, especially to those who are fond of tight asses, European ladies, and amazing sex. ButtFormation is the perfect place to find amazing European porn and there is no denying that.


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