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MightyRods is one of the most sensational porn sites offering hardcore massage stuff in high quality.


MightyRods Review

Site Overview

MightyRods is a very rare site in the porn world. This shows how a couple can become intimate and use massaging as means to create this intimacy. The massage is provided by the slut, the masseuse, and the guy is the one who receives the massage. The slut pays special attention to the hunk’s cock, and that’s why the name of the site is MightyRods. The site is dedicated to guy’s cocks, and how mighty these cocks are. When it comes to the sexual experience, which the site can provide, the porn world has got nothing that can come near it.

The site is a quality porn video site, which has the premise of big cocks fucking tight pussies. It is a site where the models are pampered, massaged and oiled up before they are made to act out their sexual scenes. The pampering relaxes them thereby making them put their best into acting their scenes and give complete satisfaction to their partner and the audience. At that relaxed stage, you will be surprised at what these girls can be up to and the antics they can play just to get you sexually satisfied. They are ready to get down and dirty to any level to ensure that you get the best ejaculation experience so far in your life. You should read this review, which has been written to get you informed about the site’s features. It will help you find out all you need to know about why the site is better than any you have been able to find anywhere else in the world of porn.

Design & Features

The layout of the site has a lot going for it, but one of the things which makes it more amazing is that it has such a great color scheme that brings together purple and black in a beautiful way. The two colors are notable because they accentuate content and add a sexual flavor to the experience, which the site gives you. Black is the primary background on which all content offered by the site are placed while purple is used to line the content border boxes and for the fonts.

The sites video clips are placed in large thumbnail boxes with the names of featured models posted just below the thumbnails. Clicking any of the thumbnails takes you to the page where you can watch or download the represented clip. Toggling through the site’s content is quite easy as the thumbnails have been arranged in grid format to make it possible. Navigation through the various parts of the site is also easy as the buttons are well laid out and clearly labeled on the site. The intuitive interface of the site is therefore functional and quite user friendly.

MightyRods offers more than 100 full HD quality porn videos with new updates being uploaded daily. You can choose to watch them at your convenience anytime anywhere as they can be taken along anywhere you are going. This is possible as they can be downloaded onto any personal device in MOV, MP4 or WMV file formats. The highest resolution for such downloads is 720 x 548 @ 1400 kbps. If you prefer to watch online, you stream them onto a flash player, which is embedded on the site for that purpose. The site also has an archive of images. MightyRods has more than 100 photo sets. In each of the sets are about 60 photos. The photos can be downloaded in ZIP file format at a resolution of 1280 x 853. More photos are constantly added to the photo library. So, you will always have a big archive to go through.

Girls & Videos

MightyRods offers the hottest and horniest sluts you can get anywhere on the internet. The bitches are endowed with all needed requirements for ensuring you get the best erotic experience you expect from the hottest models featured on the best porn site. The sluts are pampered by being massaged and oiled up before they are made to ride monster dongs waiting to fuck out their brains. With a relaxed feeling, they come to their acts with, they give their men and audience and their best possible sexual performance which you can’t get anywhere else.

The sexual performance of the girls offered by the site is quite real and not faked. The realism is one of the benefits of pampering them before they are fucked. The realism of sex is a feature that makes porn quite interesting. It makes porn clips quite effective in making you ejaculate while watching. You can prove that the clips on MightyRods are real by closely watching the emotional reactions of models especially as they approach climax. Would you take nail scratches from an actress to the back of the man fucking her when she climaxed, one which left him with red marks that are visible on the screen as fake? Is throwing her head back, giving a loud moan of ecstasy before she finally collapsed onto his chest also fake? These are some emotional reactions which prove that the models’ sexual performances are real and not faked.


In conclusion, the site is something rather rare in that it does not try to trick you in any way. Whereas most porn sites out there in the world of porn would try to take as much money as possible while giving you a subpar porn experience, this site offers you a porn experience that is top notch and does not charge you all that much either.

The site offers you the most amazing porn content from some of the hottest and sexiest models the porn industry has ever seen. It provides you with content via a website that is mostly functional with one of the most intuitive and user friendly interface ever seen. Additionally, there are several perks and bonuses you get depending on the subscription type you choose. A bonus, which is common to all, is the free access to other top quality porn sites in its network. This common bonus alone is enough reason to make you sign up to MightyRods now.


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