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CrazyCollegeGfs is a site of RealityKings network. You can enjoy a lot of fresh and sexy girls that love to fuck all the time. There is a downloadable photo gallery and many movies in video stream.


CrazyCollegeGfs Review

Site Overview

There are many types of girlfriends you can encounter when you are getting into a relationship. There are housewife-types, the cuddling cuties and the crazy ones. While having the two first is good for the long-run, if you want to live a little, stick the third, because these kinds of girls will blow you anywhere, anytime. This is also a fantasy of many men, to have girlfriend who is horny all the time and she can be easily seduced into doing nasty things, even in public places. On CrazyCollegeGFs you can find a compilation of hardcore sex scenes featuring situations that would happen in real life if you were so adventurous and find a chick who shares your enthusiasm for public sex.

The videos on CrazyCollegeGFs are produced by RealityKings, so you can expect some high quality hardcore porn videos here. RealityKings mostly produce reality-porn and fantasies, and this site has content that fits into the first niche. The membership gives you access to the whole videos, but you won’t be able to access every RealityKings videos. As a bonus for your membership, you can browse hundreds of selected videos from the other sites from the members’ area, so you can enjoy videos that cover all important niches. All scenes look good, considering that they are not shot in HD you can still enjoy quite sharp picture and good sound. The girls in the flicks are the hard nut to break, because they look real girls, horny amateurs, but it’s quite possible that all videos are staged (that’s the main sign of reality-porn) and the chicks are doing it for money, and not (just) for fun. The videos are shot in different places: parks, behind a tree next a sports field, there is one happening on a bus, while it’s on the move.

Design & Features

The site has a simple design, it looks like some of the pages, where real user-submitted content can be found, and maybe that’s the reason for this layout. There is a heading and under that you can see a pile of thumbnails and gifs, you may also notice that some of them are included in the listing more than once. Inside the members’ are you can sort the videos by rating, date and number of views. There is no other option; you can’t use keyword tags or a search engine. The menus are quite evident, you can list the videos with one, while the others take you to the live cam shows, the bonus videos, the dating site and the members’ specials. The scenes are available in on embedded player, and you can watch them only in your browser in an MP4 video stream. The photo gallery mostly offers you thumbnails, but you can encounter some posing photos, and all galleries are available for download in one zip file. You can also enjoy every video on your other devices, since the CrazyCollegeGFs has a site optimized for mobile, and you can use every feature and watch every flick. Android and iOS devices are surely supported.

Girls & Videos

On CrazyCollegeGfs you will see how much fun fresh chicks these days have! The models from this site are real girls, very beautiful and with some gorgeous bodies! If fresh chicks that are feeling horny and looking for an amazing sex with a hard cock then you must look at CrazyCollegeGfs and you will be so amazed to watch such beautiful girls showing off their fresh pink pussies on camera for the first time. These girls always have naughty things in their minds during a passionate fucking session and look innocent but they know how to get a wild fuck by a big dick! The best thing about them is that they have an incredible sexual appetite and they love to fuck all day long! You can see them sucking and fucking with any guy they met and these sluts love to fuck in public places. Blondes, redheads or brunettes, with huge melons or with slim bodies will give you tons of excitement!

The star from CrazyCollegeGfs is an American chick, very fresh and her name is Ginger. She is a perfect blonde, with perky tits and with some long and sexy legs. That woman is so bored with her boyfriend and she always look to have some fun with more experienced guy. One time, a dude picks her up in a bar and the guy told her about squirting! The chick doesn’t know much about female ejaculation and she is very curious. They go to the guy’s house and the man sticks his cock into her ass. He is very skilled and he rubs her clit and he fucks her pussy with his fingers. When he reaches the G spot the woman start squirting some incredible quantities and she is screaming so loud! In one of the most incredible clips from CrazyCollegeGfs you can see what happens in a bus full with fresh boys and girls. They are around 10 women and ten men in that bus and they all get naked and they start fucking like crazy! The chicks get double penetration and they get some huge climaxes and the men cum all over their faces. This incredible orgy can be seen in an exclusive video on CrazyCollegeGfs and you don’t want to miss it!


CrazyCollegeGFs has many good hours for you to enjoy some hardcore and yet amateur-like sex. The things these chicks do is very awesome, there is hardly anything that can’t happen, they suck and get fucked, all in public, and some dirty cunts are even getting their asses pounded pretty hard. The number of scenes is not large, but they last for a good time, the average length is around 20-25 minutes. If you are afraid that you won’t get enough stuff for your money, you can rest assured; there is plenty of bonus content that can keep you busy for a while.

 Videos  More than 2.000 Videos
 Pics  More than 3.000
 Download  Videos no / Pictures yes
 Categories  hardcore, real porn, solo

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