TeenSleepOver Review



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TeenSleepOver is a member of TeenPornoPass network. It provides HD videos with cute lesbian girls having fun with each other. There are 40 videos and you can save them without any restriction.


TeenSleepOver Review

Site Overview

The main goal of TeenSleepover is to present how some innocent pajama parties can turn into hardcore lesbian orgies. Most people think the girls of today’s always running and fast world are cute and they are perverted to their bones. If the videos on this site were really made with hidden cameras, this might be true, but since the videos are all set up, the truth remains secret. It’s important to clarify, that the scenes on TeenSleepover are not amateur scenes, the girls appearing on screen know what they are doing and that they are being filmed. The chicks already made one or two movies so they are not completely inexperienced, and they know sex toys are what for.

As a member on TeenSleepover, you also get access to a large selection of hardcore porn videos featuring the cutest starlets in porn. The TeenSleepover is a member of a network called TeenPornoPass, and from the name you can already get the picture on what kind of porn you can expect if you land on any site of this network: hardcore porn with fresh pussies. TeenPornoPass has six unique sites, where you can find lots of niches covered. TeenSleepover provides you with HD scenes with cute lesbians playing with each other, and if you like lesbian porn, you can find some more on TeenLesbianLand, where there are some steamy lesbian group sex scenes too. On GirlsLeftAlone, you can watch some awesome chicks masturbating with their cute hands, or with some monstrous dildo’s. BabySitterMovies and CheerleaderFacials are also featuring hot girls, but the scenes are scripted and the girls are dressed accordingly; you can find a lot of hardcore scenes on these two sites, captured in POV style. There are two sites focusing on one girl only: SashaVon features a stunning blonde from Chicago who is performing in various hardcore scenes with different dudes and masturbates with various sex toys. TeenEmery has its focus on a chick called Emery, who is a cute brunette and as far as the tour shows it seems that she’s more likely into solo actions, so lots of masturbation scenes are waiting for you.

Design & Features

Flowers, that’s the first thing you will notice, that there are lots of flowers on the site. Maybe the designer thought that ‘Hey, they are girls, right? So they like flowers, right? Then draw some flower there, right?’, but it just don’t feel right, some smart phones and would be better, but we need to stay with the flowers. It’s fact that the whole site is bright and appealing. Don’t be afraid, the girls on the site, and the thing they do to each other are not soft like flowers, but will surely make you hard like wood. The layout of the site is simple, and you can’t have any problems with the navigation, since there are only two options: join or log-in. The tour page has some nice thumbnails listed, that can give you some insight about the content. There are buttons for downloading (takes you to the login or join page) and one for downloading a trailer, but it didn’t work when this review was written.

The videos on the site are captured in good quality and you can save them in various formats. There are MP4, WMV and MPEG files available, and all flicks are available in 720p HD. The embedded Flash-based video player is rather good too, it’s fast, and the stream if stable. You can set the size of the player and the quality of the scenes for the best playback quality. All scenes have high-resolution picture sets attached, each consisting of about 120 pictures of 1600×1200 pixels resolution. Viewing and saving is also possible, you can save in multiple zip files. TeenSleepover has all content available on smartphones and tablets, and with most basic built-in Android browser you can access the site, and you don’t need adjust the size of the page, since it adjusts to the size of the browser window. The niche is still hot, since every men like fresh girls and in this case it’s true that the more the merrier. Lesbian sex is another very popular thing and if it’s performed by such gorgeous girls like the ones on this site it’s better.

Girls & Videos

So, if you didn’t already take a look at the site while you read, then you should, since that’s what will give you a picture about what you can expect. Anyway the girls are amazing, and they are very various, you won’t find them all the same. These innocent looking chicks have natural bodies, some have big tits, some haven’t; a many of them have nicely curved asses, some don’t. You will find that the girls are tempting and the main thing that is seductive about them is that they’re not perfect and they are not trying to overplay the acts.

There are nearly 40 videos on TeenSleepover, all in HD resolution and you can save them without any restrictions. The scenes have their own script, but they don’t include much talking, the girls get it on very soon. Most of the sex consists of elements that you can expect from lesbians: kissing, teasing, licking and fingering. There are dildos and you can watch many strap-on sex too, which turns into some rally hard pounding at a point, and if you like hard stuff, just wait until they start fisting each other. The length of the scenes is varied, some are over 40 minutes, some ends after 20 minutes of action; the average length is put somewhere between 30 and 40 minutes.


TeenSleepOver can provide you with a collection of hardcore movies featuring hot and fresh starlets who are making cute lesbian love that soon turns into passionate and hard pounding. Only a girl knows best what a girl needs, so these chicks are giving each other what they need. With the access to the whole TeenPornPassNetwork, you won’t become bored between updates, and if you finished with all content, you can find some hardcore DVDs to browse too.

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