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EnjoyGfPass has an incredible number of amateur porn videos covering various porn niches.


EnjoyGfPass Review

Site Overview

After a tiring, and exhaustingly long day at work, who doesn’t like to get home and relax with a nice cold beer, and watch some good quality porn. And if a person only enjoys natural and amateur couples and would rather sneak up on the neighbours rather than watch some porn stars faking it and making it artificial, Enjoy GFPass is your true and ultimate amateur porn paradise! From cheerleaders humping football jocks, to what goes on at night between the hottest guy on the block and his sexy, blonde girlfriend. This amazingly fun website can provide you an extensively large and delightfully huge collection of homemade amateur videos and pictures, and stir your juices with some natural and real action!

Do you enjoy watching a gorgeous and busty Latina bairn giving herself some nice action down there while making some delightful moaning sounds? A voluptuous blonde girl, devoid of all making, proudly taking her boyfriend’s dick inside her mouth, a romantic and passionate couple involved in some hard-core and heated fucking, or a dainty and naive Asian girl enjoying a nice, slow, long and hard pussy licking? At Enjoy GFPass, you can enjoy an unlimited access to an infinite supply and constantly evolving and updating a variety of solo, couple, threesome, foursome, orgies, Latinos, Ebony, Blondes, Asians, interracial couples and much more with a few simple clicks. Truly, never before was there such a rich and exciting variety in amateur porn!

When you open this exciting and fun-packed website, your screen will instantly be flooding with countless pictures and videos that will show you captivating, enticing and beckoning clips of beautiful puerile girls showing you what goes on in dorm rooms after the lights are out, how to give you a good blowjob to your boyfriend, passionate and hardcore fucking between romantic couples, a hot and steaming threesome, a gorgeously voluptuous Latina making out with her boyfriend, and a buff, huge black sucking hard on the tits of his busty Blonde bairn. To your utter and joyful delight, you will discover that all of this amateur content is homemade, self-shot and natural. Do you want to know the best part? With more than 4-5 new clips each day, this exciting website has a constantly evolving and expanding a variety of amateur porn libraries to captivate you and entice you for as long as you want.

Design & Features

As soon as you enter Enjoy GFPass, you will admire its simple and sleek design, and unlike most porn sites, your screen will not be flooding will countless pop-ups, advertisements and spam pages, but rather, you will be greeted with an incredibly enticing and captivating array of seductive, horny and wild, beautiful girls who are going to show you a great time. The website is extremely easy to use and navigate with its simple, refreshing and user-friendly design, you will not find yourself lost or confused about how to find yourself way out of a clutter of porn videos and images that seem to have opened up.

Enjoy GFPass gets straight to the point as soon as you enter the website, you are provided with its tantalizing and rich variety that will get your juices running in no time! The video is shot at 640 x 360, which are a pretty decent quality considering that all these videos are self-shot at home. You will enjoy great quality for most of the homemade amateur videos found on this site. Now let’s talk about the storyline, the videos are so natural and real, you will be able to feel how horny and wild the blonde is while her boyfriend is passionately sucking her tits, and with each moan that escapes her lips you will feel yourself falling deep into a trance of erotic ecstasy. Since most of the videos are in Mp4 format, you can enjoy instant, easy and simple downloads in a matter of few clicks.

Girls & Videos

The girls featured on Enjoy GFPass are not professional porn stars who are being paid to fake an orgasm in front of the camera, but they are the regular and routine girls and women, who probably enjoy sex just as much as you do, and get crazily horny and turned on at the idea of filming themselves while getting it on with their boyfriends. What increases the fun for you is the fact that these girls are truly beautiful, gorgeous, fresh and stunning, devoid of all makeup, artificial glamour and kinky lingerie which a trademark of porn artists. From Blondes, Latinos, Ebony to Asian, Black, Brunettes and much more, this website features over 232 incredibly horny and insanely wild girls who are going to fuck the brains out of their partners in front of the camera and revel in their sexuality.

Enjoy GFPass has a huge library of over 1,041 videos and 321 image galleries that range over 75 categories. The videos are all shot in a decent and satisfactory quality which is acceptable considering that these videos are amateur clips shot at home by unprofessional and regular people. Downloads are all in Mp4 format and range around 2,000 kbps, and you can rest assured that it will not take you ages before the clip has been downloaded. Some of the clips can be as short as one minute or even less while the longer and more intense ones can go as long as 20 minutes, so basically this site can give you everything from a short and hot quickie to a long a steamy, passionate sex between a real life couple. Some of the videos have been filmed in dark setting while some show you brightly lit dorm rooms.


If you are craving some natural, homemade, amateur porn that features real life couples and regular people, Enjoy GF Pass is the answer to all your prayers! The website is extremely easy to use and navigate, and you will be delighted with the rich and extensive variety which is updated and upgraded each and every day. Tune into Enjoy GFPass and get some real life action.



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