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LesArchive has an incredible collection of lesbian porn content that you will surely appreciate.


LesArchive Review

Site Overview

Lesarchive brings you a multitude of hot lesbian videos and photos. Between 200,000 photos and hundreds of videos this site is a go to place when you are in the mood to see some hot, steamy lesbian action. The paid site offers easy to access tabs so that you can instantly go to whatever area you want to. If you want to go straight to the videos click on the videos tab and instantly there are 270 videos laid out in front of you for your viewing pleasure. If its photos you want all you have to do is click on the pictures tab and over a thousand pictures are at your fingertips. There is also a convenient models tab so that you can learn more about the models. Clicking on this tab will bring you to a page that lists all of the models that are on Lesarchive. Click on anyone of the models or sets of models to learn about the videos and photos that they are in. Even better clicking on any model or set of models will let you learn when they first appeared on Lesarchive, their age, location, hair color, tit size, and the total amount of views that they’ve had on their photos and videos. Lesarchive is an exciting adventure into one of the biggest collections of lesbian videos out there.

Design & Features

The design gives the subscriber what they need without any added fluff or ads getting in the way of the experience you’re trying to have. It’s the videos that instantly catch your eye. Right away you will learn that there is a massive amount of videos and pictures available to you just waiting to be devoured. The features of the site make it very user friendly. When you come to Lesarchive you can find what you want instantly. There are a number of tabs set up that direct to whatever you want. The tabs include the home page where you can see a preview of some of the latest pictures, videos, and models that have been added to the site most recently.

Next is the models tab. Here you will have access to a complete listing of the models and pairs of models on the site. Not only can you learn about what videos and pictures each of them star in but you can get a short profile of the models as well. If you have a particular taste this can easily help you to narrow down your choices so that finding the video or pictures that you want is an easy task. You can find the blonde model with the biggest tit size and most views on her videos and pictures if this is what you’re looking for. If you’re looking for a brunette with medium tits from America specifically you can find this with ease as well.

After the models tab you will find the videos tab. This tab cuts right to the chase and offers a complete listing of all the videos that you have access to. After this tab is the pictures tab and just like the videos tab you are rewarded with instant access to all the pictures on the site. A really helpful feature at the bottom of the page is a list of ratings this site has received from different places that continuously scrolls sideways. This easily puts the popularity of this site into perspective. The numbers are large never dipping below about 78 percent. Here we have a simplistic but attractive design with all the features that you want and none of the stuff that you don’t want.

Girls & Videos

There are nearly a thousand girls and sets of girls on Lesarchive. The subscriber has easy access to profiles of every single one of them just by clicking on that models tab. If you want to just browse you can begin doing so immediately but if you are looking for specific models you will find that you can search through them alphabetically as well. It’s easy to find the perfect girl to fulfill your lesbian fantasies. With almost a thousand girls and sets of girls at your disposal you are sure to find something that fits exactly what you want. These sexy eager to please girls bare it all for you. This includes their tit size, hair color, and location.

The videos and photos themselves are top quality; each video tells you when it was released, how many views it’s had, and a brief description of the video itself. You can see how many times its been favorited and the number of views it has received. The pictures are the same. You can get access to a gallery of photos of a specific set of models if you want then you will be able to see how this set of photos is rated, the number of views it has gotten, and a brief story description of the set of photos. The girls are virtually limitless as are the videos and the pictures. The collection of pictures is actually massive. If what you desire is lesbian action then it’s hard to come away from the models, videos, and pictures on Lesarchive disappointed.


Lesarchive brings you all your lesbian fantasies and desires in an easy and pleasurable to use layout. There are constant reminders of how popular and acclaimed each model, picture, and video is so that you can easily choose something that you are going to enjoy. Another exciting and interesting feature is that you have a certain number of trailers that you can view immediately before you make any commitments. Lesarchive offers you 9 trailers so that you can get a feel of what you want. The entire site is dedicated to letting you make the most informed decision on what videos, pictures, and models that you want to indulge in. Lesarchive is a goody bag of naughty, hot lesbian action with all kinds of models to choose from. Lesarchive has some amazing lesbian action for you.



Videos More than 250 Videos
Pics More than 200.000 Pictures
Download Available
Categories lesbian

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