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FemaleAgent Review

Site Overview

FemaleAgent is one of the hottest sites that comprise FakeHub which is the mother site of all porn hubs that use fake agents, taxi drivers, doctors, and even fake police to solicit sex from unsuspecting but often willing subjects. What makes this category so hot is that the subject is placed in a situation where they are obliged to get naked and have sex with people who are in authority or individuals who can help them get out of a tricky situation. In FemaleAgent, a woman casting agent puts out an ad for models who want to work in the porn industry. A video typically begins with the person responding to the ad and arrives for the “casting audition” which unknown to them is non-existent. The agent initially asks questions about the subject which are pretty standard in most interviews- where they come from, what kind of job they currently have, relationships with the opposite sex, and all sorts of “mundane” stuff that are often asked in a job interview. Once the subject feels comfortable enough, the FemaleAgent then shifts her line of questioning. From the basics, she proceeds to ask the auditioning individual about her sexual preferences, how often she gets laid, does she like blowjobs, what makes her cum, is she willing to eat pussy or be eaten by a fellow female, and all sorts of leading questions that will make them think about sex. And once they do, the agent will move in for the kill.

As soon as the auditioning model is completely naked and vulnerable, the FemaleAgent will start to touch her in different places which usually signals the subject that she is going to get fucked and it will be recorded. At first, there will be hesitation, but as soon as her pussy gets wet, she will let her guard down and the fun begins for the agent who now has a fresh pussy she can play with in front of her camera. Of course, the poor model believes it’s all part of the audition so she has no choice but to let the agent lick, suck, finger, and fuck her however she likes it. But make no mistake about FemaleAgent as a lesbian porn site. While it attracts a lot of female applicants, the agent will fuck both guys and gals alike with the same intensity and carnal ferocity.

Design & Features

The FemaleAgent site highlights videos using screenshots from films that show auditioning women or men sitting or standing in front of the agent just before they get fucked. The biggest draw of this type of porn is the supposed “innocent” applicants who come to the interview without knowing that they will be engaged in a fucking session just to get the job. And to aid visitors in finding out which is the most watched and the most desirable titles in the FemaleAgent collection, the site has included a ranking system that shows how many viewers have seen the movie and how many likes it has garnered. The site has a few ads in its pages but it is native to FemaleAgent so there should be no problems about clicks being rerouted to other sites outside of its mother network FakeHub. The pages are clean and consistent as far as the content of the site goes. There are no unrelated videos and all clips are amply sized so the beauty and bodies of the models are evident right from the get go.

Girls & Videos

FemaleAgent sells the idea that women who are willing to try the porn business will do anything just to land the job. The reality though is all the models in the site’s videos are paid professionals who have been briefed on what they are expected to do. However, this does not mean that everything is scripted. While the ladies know what will happen, all their actions are unrehearsed and a big number of the female applicants are really new to the porn business. This is why the videos are high quality both in terms of screenplay and the storylines.

All the reactions of the pornstar aspirants are authentic including their moans and whimpers as they struggle to keep up and give the best fucking performance of their lives while trying not to show that they are sluts deep inside and just like everyone else loves to cum. The only difference really is they are getting paid for all the action they’re getting.


FemaleAgent is a fantastic site to visit and become an exclusive member of, for people who find amateur pornstar wannabes hot as hell. The idea that an average female or male who holds a job somewhere would be enticed to expose their bodies and have them fucked by total strangers is really a big fetish for many porn viewers. People love watching porn superstars suck dick, be rammed by giant cocks, gangbanged by fat men, and be fucked hardcore by fellow pornstars but doing all these things to unsuspecting amateurs who think they went to audition for a job is way better. The moans are more realistic and the screams sound natural which amps up the level of lust for such videos.

The site is also pretty easy to navigate through, especially if one is looking for the latest and hottest videos in FemaleAgent’s library. The likes and views are displayed plus ranked so the most in-demand movies are displayed first. There is also a filter system that will help members and guests get to the material they want much faster, without wasting too much time previewing each video. Finally, the agents used by the site are hot professionals who know how to work their magic on the applicants. They always get their prey so to speak and the models always end up cumming so hard they often forget to notice that they have been tricked into being fucked.



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Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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