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FemdomFilms offers lots of contents featuring horny femdom. Here you can enjoy sexy women that love to dominate men.


FemdomFilms Review

Site Overview

Femdom Films is a sleek adult website that shows a variety of BDSM action, from some of the sexiest femdoms around. The content is exclusive and includes high quality videos and photos. As a member, you can get access to the site’s exclusive content for a reasonable 30 day membership fee. Non members can buy photos sets or video files individually.

Design & Features

The site has an elegant design that is easy on the eye. The navigation is straight forward and there are several ways you can find content, even though there is no search function. You can either find videos and photo galleries by going down the list of posts, which are dated from the most recent to the oldest. You can also go to the models section and find videos and photos from the model you want. The models section takes you to a short profile, when you follow the links. The short profile will give you the physical attributes to each of the models. There is a short description on the movies they play and on what that model does.

At the bottom of each of the model’s page is a section called collections, containing the links to all the models. There are hundreds of sites in this niche. This site stands out in terms of quality of the content. The images and the movies are very well down and of considerably high quality. They may not match the amount of content on some of their competitors’ websites, but they can match the quality of the content and exceed it.

Girls & Videos

Not only is the quality of the video and images good, but so are the models in these videos. They are sexy, slim and sometimes chubby models. Their good looks may fool you but these models will not spare their slaves when subjugating or tormenting them. Some models are black, but most are white mistresses, who are cute and blonde or sly redheads who show no mercy to their helpless slaves.

There are hundreds of videos related to femdom play. The femdom acts include ball and spanking and whipping, face sitting, foot jobs, and compelled blow jobs. It sometimes ranges from mild femdom action to more intense sadomasochism. More intense action involves tying submissive males to a contraption and tormenting their genitals, pegging, to other forms of torment. You can find whichever form of content you want in the categories section, when you login as a member. The videos and photos are sometimes themed. You can find videos of military theme, where the femdom models are dressed as military personnel.

The action involves the imprisonment and torment of the slaves. There is nurse them with femdoms dressed as nurses, doctors or gynecologists. The gynecologist has a specially designed table, where she torments her helpless patients. The locations may also include dungeons and sometimes the femdom play may take place in normal indoor settings. Models are often two or three. It can be sometimes one on one between the dominatrix and the slave. Sometimes there are two dommes or two slaves. The dommes are usually bold and confident enough to subdue two of their helpless slaves. Most videos are just under 10 minutes long and they may be part of a split movie containing various parts.


The website has a wide range of hardcore femdom content, which should quench the thirst of any hardcore femdom fan. The quality of the images and videos is good enough and the content is often updated at least once a week. Femdom films, therefore gets a 9/10 rating for those reasons.

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