HardcoreYouth Review



HardcoreYouth is one of the best porn sites that feature hardcore porn content. Fresh and hot chicks will make you crazy.


HardcoreYouth Review

Site Overview

I had my fair share of girls while browsing the internet and looking for all the sites that could have good porn on them. Surprisingly enough, there is one that stands out from the rest, called, hardcoreyouth, a site dedicated to adorable girls doing it the right way, as hardcore as it can get, while retaining the passion, so it does not look as straight up typical porn mumbo jumbo. There are some surprises, as well, read on, if you would, please.

Design & Features

Once I got to the home page, there was a nice photo of three chicks to greet me. Two of them on the sides, both with stunning blue eyes, pretending to be shy and hiding their most private parts, while the one in the middle was lying on her back, her mouth open as she is moaning with pleasure, taking a huge dick and taking it whole. The entire collage is laced with flowers, colorful sketches, making them seemingly innocent while providing you with proof that they know how to fuck. Scrolling down, you get a section of videos, and then captions below them, describing them in such a way that will get you moist just by reading. The videos, once you get into the section, are sorted nicely, which makes it easier and more user friendly. The browsing and navigation is also quite good, allowing for fast surfing without any lag. The thing I also love is the fact that the site works magnificently on mobile devices, being very well optimized.

Girls & Videos

What I actually loved about the site were the girls themselves. Once you see them and their innocent faces, you get aroused immediately, especially when they get to the actual hardcore stuff, showing you that there is more to a girl than her facial expression. Lovely, fresh bodies, with small or medium tits, tight asses and a love for sex is what you can find, and more. The thing I also love is the diversity of girls, all of them being sizzling hot, while maintaining a passionate aura throughout the videos. Whether they are blond or black or red-haired, the sex is insanely hot, and at the same time tantalizingly passionate, something you rarely see as a combo, these days. I saw one girl take two dicks, one in her mouth and the second in her ass, while being completely happy and satisfied about it, what is more, she was so involved in it that the very expression on her face made me so aroused I that came almost instantly.

You also have stories, as a girl goes to the massage parlor but gets so aroused that she cannot resist her masseur for long, deciding to give him the ride of his life. As it was mentioned, they are hardcore, but very passionate, the best combination. What I also loved was the full HD quality that proves very good when the close ups come onto the scene. The membership plan was the one thing that blew me away, as it gives free camera chat options and fifty three mores sites for you to browse and explore, for the price of one.


Fifty three more sites! That is not one or two or six or ten, but fifty three! As it were, they are all of such a quality, similar to this one, producing full HD videos and updating them weekly. Multiply that by fifty three and you have so much porn that you could be glued to your chair for a long time. At hardcoreyouth, I found some of my dreams be realized, as seeing innocent girls take on cocks like pros but keep it very passionate is something I have been searching for a while. Add to that fifty three more sites to explore, and yourself, like me, will definitely not be disappointed by joining.



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