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The most sensantional porn parodies that you have ever watched are only on HustlerParodies.


HustlerParodies Review

Site Overview

Who would have thought that combining lust with laughter would be a good meat for porn makers? Parodies have long been a Hollywood fixture once a cinematic release has become a worldwide hit. And with that popularity, HustlerParodies has made a world of its own in mixing up sex with fun from one spoof to another. If you have ever thought of your favorite movie or TV show being transformed into a production of hardcore stuff with excessive fun rolled altogether then this is the site to beat. Literally, from Die Hard, The Terminator and Silence of the Lambs to home favorites like Homeland, The Sopranos and Star Trek, HustlerParodies has done them all.

Design & Features

Porn spoofs may sound like a very inconceivable pairing but once you get a taste of what HustlerParodies offers, you will be back again and again. It’s that rare touch of heat and hilarity that has never been witnessed in the world of sexual shows before. This site has not spared almost any of the popular ones that hit the silver screen or the boob tube. Check out the porn paradise in the HustlerParodies to sample the combined and unlikely pair of entertainment in one rolling laughter and titillating visuals. Tons of triple X action fill your screen with salivating delights and raucous amusement. Hustler has long been known to make a very great job in executing porn stuff and delights. From its awesome reputation as a reliable instrument of prurient products to becoming one popular supplier of downright raunchy fare of hardcore materials for the horny studs alike then creating a cult following of the happy and aroused people given its parade of parodies culled from TV and movie’s popular titles, they are trustworthy. HustlerParodies has done its duty, way and beyond.

Celebrity look-alikes abound and fulfill your desires of the wild ones taking over movie flicks and TV fares to create realistic production sets and designs. Nothing was spared apparently by Hustler in recreating these box office killers into products of parodies with certified lookers in celluloid roles viewers have become very familiar with. Around 600 videos have been produced with half of that number accounting for a good set of pictures highly complementary of the movie material. The galleries are a spectacle on their own consuming every minute you will allow your fantasies to come true and cum through in taking over your daily fill of porn filled world. Most videos run from half an hour long to almost full 90 minutes depending on the titles. These may be streamed using Flash (960×520 resolution) and MP4 or WMV options (1280×720 resolutions). All of the formats can be downloaded as zip files with no DRM limitations.

HustlerParodies carries a well-thought of website design and ease of navigation. Download speeds, as well as the options for video viewing, are presented clearly and easily. There are sections to help you choose from which are arranged in appropriate content categories with a quick and easy search feature. You can search through Titles, Dates of Creation and Ratings from Members. The porn superstars are likewise in a category so you may search based on popularity or name recall. Updates are frequent and are indicated as well on site. Being a member will give you access across the Hustler Mega Network including Asian Fever, Anal Hookers, Hottie Moms, Busty Beauties, Hustler’s Taboo and a few more.

Girls & Videos

Popular names in the porndom acted as Uhura for the Star Trek spoof. Ana Foxxx is doing the Enterprise captain one good fucking role to earn her distinction in the Hustler library. There is also a Smurfette covered in blue doing her thing in an adult version of the mushroom people in the forest. You won’t be able to resist and even get enough of the actress Lexi Belle portraying the lead sexy and lovely girl in the Smurf world as she exhibits all the curves that will make your mouth water as she becomes one gorgeous being in a blue skin portrayal. There are almost 400 succulent ladies waiting to undress before you and submit themselves into some of the most popular roles ever.

Movie titles range from This Ain’t Terminator XXX, This Ain’t Saved By The Bell XXX, and This Ain’t Jaws XXX. Other spoofs include Halloween, The Hills Have Eyes even including the Partridge Family. All fetishes are likewise filmed to cover ass jobs to blowjobs, role playing and satire to creampies and facials. The Davinci Load explores the mystery of the original Dan Brown classic into bed shaking episodes of lust, religion and greed that Hustler has come to define its archives of popular choices. TV shows are recreated with earthy spinoffs like The Sopornos, Mad Men, Jersey Shore, The Golden Girls, Big Brother alongside news, game shows and even political ones like Who’s Nailin’ Palin. Talks are loud that there will even be a Trump parody coming up.


Hustler has become a distinctive brand of its own in the world of porn be it on print and much more so online. It now has let its own sexual imagination go and grow wild with the addition of HustlerParodies in its roster. It has even exceeded itself in its own game of providing really knock-out production of sexual stuff with a sprinkle of fun and laughter in a very imaginative take. Hardcore fucking and fetishes are all recreated with beautiful and drool inducing women under the banner of iconic TV and cinema titles. The spoofs are made realistic as it was done in Basic Instinct with Hustler’s own stamp of genius.

All the sucking and fucking action are done within the context of the shows and movies that you reminisce the plots and effects plus the hormones pumping sluts and cocks showcasing what Hustler has been known to provide. The triple-X sections are proof that fantasy and sex can be combined with laughter in between to create a memorable wild, funny and interesting playback that can stiffen any viewer’s rods in search of a screen action like no other.


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