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On HustlersLesbians you can watch exclusive lesbian porn videos. Each video is unique and you will enjoy all of them. Browse within different hot girls and join fantastic lesbian sex scenes.


HustlersLesbians Review

Site Overview

HustlersLesbians is the sub-site of the great studio, the Hustler. This site, as you may have learned that from the name, is a porn site, focusing on lesbian sex. Watching a woman making love with another woman is a very popular thing, and the lesbian porn is still one of the most successful and most popular niches, and its a million dollars field. The pornstars doing lesbian porn may be either heterosexuals with bi-curios approach, or real lesbians, who never had a cock in their pussies. The studio, Hustler has been in this industry for almost half a century and it is still producing quality over quantity and shows the newcomers how professional porn should look like. If there is a recipe behind success, this studio knows it and it uses it to stay on top. It all started really solid, the Hustler was a magazine presenting some heavier topics that the other magazines wouldn’t really dare to cover. There were something kinky, and some taboo on the pages the magazine, covering a wide range of niches, and introducing masturbation and group sex in printed press.

Since in the porn industry it’s very important to adapt to the changes of the world and of the technology, the studios must keep up with the trends. This is the case with Hustler too; first the company started with video tapes, and then came the CDs and DVD. In the name of advancing, the studio launched its flagship site in 1995, and the past 20 years, there were multiple extensions of it, adding multiple sub-sites and creating a whole network of porn sites. The membership on the HustlersLesbians is not just an access to a bunch of porn videos. It’s an ultimate membership that grants you a mega-pass to all sites of the studio for the price of one. You get to access the HustlersLesbians set as default site in the members’ zone, but you can choose all sites within the network.

In difference with the new companies and the scam-networks, the videos of Hustler are all exclusive, and there are no recycled videos. Every update is unique, and brings you something you didn’t see before. As a pioneer in the porn industry, it’s just natural that the videos distributed through the Hustler’s network, cover possibly all porn niches, from the softer ones to the heavy hardcore. Since the magazine was the first to introduce the heavier things to the readers/viewers, this focus was the main trend that the studio followed, and every video represents that. There is anal sex, double penetration, gangbang, heavy masturbation scenes, and naturally lesbian porn too. You can enjoy all heavy topics from interracial sex, to BDSM. On HustlersTaboo, you can find everything that is a bit kinky or a bit of a taboo collected into one video database. Those who are looking for really unique and fun stuff should check out the early porn videos of the studio on the VCAClassics. Anyone who wants watch his favorite series or movies turned into hardcore porn will enjoy the porn parodies on HustlersParodies.

Design & Features

The tour page of the HustlersLesbians looks quite nice and modern. It has a comforting, bright color scheme, which use a shade of pink, and some soft grey. The site is laid-out well; you can find everything in one menu, and there is a very low chance of you getting lost on the site. The site offers some pictures and trailers that show some teasing and a few moments of the actual sex that happens in the scene. The site also has some sorting options too, and from the members’ zone you can easily reach every site that is included in your membership. There are multiple options for you, and Hustler keeps a record of its models, and in the models database you can read a lot of info on them.

When you decide to actually try to watch a video, you have two options to choose from. First, you have the most evident and fastest option: to view the scenes online. If you have a good machine, this option won’t cause any problem, but you can always set the quality lower in exchange for some performance. The same is true for the downloads, you can select from multiple formats and resolutions for the most optimal experience and space usage. The site offers you a photo gallery for online viewing or saving. The site is fully optimized for portable devices, you can browse the scenes and the photos on your phone or tab.

Girls & Videos

All women who you may see in the videos are professional pornstars; no amateurs are bound to be found here. Some may expect to see girls with the same regular bodies, but I can assure you that they are very different. There are busty girls with huge breasts, and you can find some tight girls with playful perky tits. They also differ in ethnicity, hair color and possibly in all attributes. The more than 1000 videos of the HustlersLesbians are presenting only lesbian sex. The chicks play with each other using their fingers and sex toys for the heavier tings. The videos have a script, and each scene has its own background story. If you go through the videos page by page you can see that there is a long record, and the oldest videos are more than 10 years old, so their quality may be a bit lower, but they are still very enjoyable, while the newer scenes are all captured in HD.


The membership on the HustlersLesbians should prove to be an excellent choice for those, who like lesbian porn, and want to watch real, high-quality porn videos. If you are just starting to explore the world of lesbian porn, then this site is the best choice to visit first. The videos are in high quality, the girls are gorgeous, and if you find yourself wishing for something else apart from lesbian sex, you will be in the lucky position to browse more than 20 sites’ videos.

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