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On SeeMyGF you can find a lot of amateurs videos with real girls that love to do hot and nasty things. There is a large variety of girls and all of them are really gorgeous. This site has one the best compilation of amateurs videos.


SeeMyGF Review

Site Overview

The SeeMyGF is another one of those sites that you should check out if you are looking for hardcore amateur porn, featuring real couples doing real sex for actual excitement. The SeeMyGF has been around for years, and it has a large compilation of porn movies and a huge photo gallery. The site claims to have exclusive amateur porn, but the basic nature of this kind of porn excludes that opportunity, since the girls and the guys can upload their photos and videos wherever they want to. If you have already looked around the web for amateur porn, you should already get the picture: most amateur sites offer the same content, and some of them even create ‘networks’ with recycled and shared content. Luckily, the SeeMyGF is not one of those; you won’t get access to fake network sites, only this mega-site, with a really big collection.

If you land on the tour of the site, you can see some numbers in the texts, claiming that there are over 10,000 real home-made videos and 300,000 pictures. Now the first half of this statement is a bit of an overstatement, but a nearly 10,000 is more appropriate, while the second half seems to be the truth. What you can find on this site is nasty. These horny couples or solo girls are going crazy sometimes. Apart from naïve softer things they do, you can find here a lot of the heavier niches covered, with messy facials, creampies, fetishes, rough sex, anal penetration, threesomes, public nudity and sex. The video quality – given by the nature of the videos of course – really inconsistent, and most of the scenes offer only standard-definition, thought the playback quality is good enough to prove to be quite enjoyable. The members’ area has advertisements only at the bottom of the page, and as a bonus you get access to some third party feeds too.

Design & Features

The tour site of the SeeMyGF is a bit tricky, because it looks like just a keyword-stuffed site, but if you take your time and scroll down the site, you can peek into the actual content. There are some photo galleries throughout the page, and you may actually watch some videos too. There is a mobile version of the page, though that only offers thumbnails for you, the videos are not working (in tour mode). Don’t let yourself fooled by the amateurish design, the members’ zone looks far better and it’s more organized.

The members’ area in its simplicity offers you a lot, since there is a search option and categories filtering option too. Since its all amateur content, just don’t expect 4K HD movies, that’s studio stuff. Here you get lower qualities, but you will enjoy them since the playback quality is really good, and the nasty things happening in the videos will make it up for you. As a member, you can download all videos in various formats, and you can even submit yours. The sites like SeeMyGF are very strong when it comes to photos, since the girls like to shoots explicit selfies today, and their boyfriends are jerks, and they submit them on these sites.

Girls & Videos

Every girl in the movies of the SeeMyGF is real amateur, from the kind that you see every day at the mall, on the bus or anyplace in town. This site offers you a large, non-sorted models’ database of girls who were only having fun with their boy or with a random guy at a party. You will see that the videos here feature different girls, and if you consider the numbers of the movies, which is more than 3800, your expectations are rightfully high, because each movie is shot with different girls, and that adds up to more than 3800 cuties for you to watch while you play with your boner. It’s quite certain that you are going to wish if you were in the place of the guys, because every chick here looks amazing, and you would surely like to stick your cock into their pussies.

Though the quality of the videos is not that great, you can still see that the girls are gorgeous, and many of them have natural bodies. There are nice curves and really cute breast to be seen around, and while you browse the collection you can are ought to see some really nice girls. Since the SeeMyGF is an amateur-focused site, you can find here only home-made porn. This has one major benefit: the scenes are not scripted, there is no story and you don’t need to stand those overplayed acts and meaningless dialogues that mark the professional porn. Some of the videos are full; you can enjoy whole intercourses with foreplay and cumshots. You should know that a majority of the videos are shorter than ten minutes, but fortunately, the guys who shot them turned on the camera at the right time, and you can still watch the best part of the sex, and some nice real orgasms are guaranteed.

The SeeMyGF is a mega-site, and it doesn’t provide network access, if you register here, you get the whole collection without the need to visit any other site. There are over 3800 videos on the SeeMyGF, and the number grows due to the updates that come in batches. If you are wondering about what you can see here, you can see that there is group sex, lesbian sex, anal sex and lots of creampies take place. Usually the coupes are doing it in missionary, doggy and cowgirl styles, but if there are some wilder scenes too, featuring various, exciting positions.


The site offers you a whole lot of movies and a very big picture collection. It might prove to be the heaven for those who like good, real home-made sex of real couples, and they don’t care too much about quality. Since today everybody is running around with HD capable smart phones, tablets and cameras (and a lot of smart gadgets) the quality will increase as more couples get to the point where they decide to do a juicy porn movie for their own excitement.

 Videos  More than 10.000 Videos
 Pics  More than 300.000 pictures
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