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You can get the sexiest girls stripping directly on your desktop with IStripper.


IStripper Review

Site Overview

Congratulate yourself for being able to find the world’s most advanced and most cherished stripper app that has made waves, remained consistent, and proven to be the number one stripper porn website so far. Welcome to IStripper, a one of a kind website with so much fun and advanced technology embedded that you would not want to put it down for a single moment. Over 22 million people that have so far downloaded this desktop app cannot be wrong. The massive number of people getting on board this magnificent site on a daily basis is proof enough that this is the best place to find the sexiest strip dancers, the most creative pole dancing ladies, the finest strippers, and awesome solo massages with masturbations that would leave your jaw dropping from the amazing sights they provide. This awesome and very creative website relies on the best technologies modern day computing can offer. And with such flexibility and openness to new and better ideas, the site continues evolving and putting on new functionalities every now and then. This way, as technology improves, as new ways of computing become more popular, the site immediately morphs and becomes even more stunning by the day.

The Ultra HD 4k format with a resolution as high as 720p and 1080p, you can bet that you won’t miss anything in the app. Whether its flowing strands of hair or freckles of the skin, or drops of pussy wetness, you would find everything in vivid colors and absolute clarity. This is one factor that stands this site head and shoulder above the others in the industry. While others use just any camera in the market, IStripper relies only on the best that Hollywood boasts of. This way, you get to see breathtaking images that would transport your mind right into the scenes even while you relax and watch.

The chicks paraded here are some of the finest and most daring angels with everything to die for. Their boobs are so rounded, full, and sexy; their butts are pretty, bouncy, and appealing; and their faces, one that should be on every calendar, hung on walls all over the world. These stunning and beautifully built goddesses make this site tick. Their daring moves and stunts with strip poles, dildos, and other such toys confirm them as the true leaders in the world of hardcore strip showings. This desire on demand website ensures that all users, no matter where they are located would have a chance to determine how the shows are run on their desktops.

Once you have the correct system requirements, download the app, and subscribe, you become the chief director of the shows. In essence, there is no boring moment or drab scenes since it’s all up to the user to determine what he wants to see. This is so awesome and revolutionary. Gone are the days when people sit and doze off in front of their screens because of the low quality of performances; gone are the days when you get to spend so much money, yet get damsels that are not creative nor talented. IStripper has changed all that. With this revolutionary app on your desktop, a good connection to the internet, and some spare time to enjoy the best of live naked chicks, be sure that all your troubles and worries are set to go away. Everything IStripper offers is sheer bliss, sheer excitement, and nonstop fun from beginning to end.This is the ultimate and perfect site for every guy getting set to jerk off and enjoy a great time alone; it is the best spot for girlfriends, housewives, and all sexy chicks out there to learn the art of erotic stripping, pole dancing, dildo fucking, and sensual teasing. With skills like these learnt from here, you can go home guaranteed that you can keep your man, no matter what.

When VirtualGirl was released into the market, everyone was wowed at the amazing use of technology and sheer creativity; but that was just a tip of the iceberg, the creators of that magnificent porn product are just getting started and IStripper proves it so. IStripper is a whole world ahead of VirtualGirl in terms of creativity, technology, and user preferences. Now you understand why IStripper remains the coolest and most admired app ever created for porn lovers; now you know why so many people in their millions keep downloading the app and giving 100% positive testimonies. It’s the result of years of experience, continuous evolution, and the search for customer satisfaction. Joining this huge community of hot porn lovers proves that you truly know what you want and have come a long way in the search for awesomeness as far as erotica is concerned.

Design & Features

IStripper is that one app that makes other porn sites and live cam show sites look amateurish and needing help. The professional outlook of this wonder of an app is what has made well over 22 million people to fall in love with it and downloaded it into their systems. This app is best viewed on Windows XP and above; but having Windows 8 or 10 would make the chicks look even more glamorous owing to its crispness and solid memory core. Just a single click would download the app fast. But before that is a registration and subscription process that is simple and straightforward too.

Girls & Videos

To ensure that you have a good time enjoying the bliss this site offers, only the finest and sexiest angels have been paraded here. Their skins, figures, boobs, butts, and faces are complete packages that would thrill you beyond words. With shoes and clothes, lingerie and panties, and other such add-ons that make them glow and look even more glamorous, you cannot but fall in love with these professional strippers at the first glance.


IStripper is that one app that sells itself without much promotion. This is because the right things have been done to build a loyal fan base which in turn becomes the mouthpiece of the site. You are lucky to find IStripper today; get on board and see what others are really talking about.


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