WorldOfMen Review



A great collection of gay porn videos, covering various niches and presenting hot dudes is at your disposal on WorldOfMen.


WorldOfMen Review

Site Overview

The WorldOfMen was a gay porn website, which featured the work of the producer, Collin O’Neal. After he left the industry, the site was sold, and it has gone through several changes, but instead of closing, it has been growing: now, the WorldOfMen is a porn site with nine studios’/websites’ content. As far as history is concerned, the site actually launched in 2009, but the new design and the hot new stream of porn is available since 2015, so the actual state is quite new. It looks like the site doesn’t claim to offer us exclusive porn, instead it has a really fine collection of non-exclusive gay sex videos, in a mega-site form. However, the original content, coming from O’Neal is actually exclusive – about 100 videos are available from those years. The site has changed a lot, that much is true, but the videos are still really hot.

There is some kind of an update schedule in order, but it’s not easy to detect, because it seems they also remove older content. However, this is the only issue we had with the site, at other areas it’s really good. During our time here, we noted six updates on a week, so we have to say that it might not always be like this, but the site is quite busy. So, apart from the videos of the original WorldOfMen, you can view nine porn studios’ or websites’ movies. There are three sites which no longer update, so you get a fixed collection from them: RedHotLatinos, LavenderLounge and BrashBoys. The other six portals are updating, and the quality of the videos they provide is getting better and better. For those who like twinks, there is the BarebackTwink, those who prefer bears and other hairy guys should check the BearFilms or the HairyAndRaw. There are other bareback studios too, like the BarebackThatHole. The BreedMeRaw and the SweetAndRaw are warmly recommended to raw-cock fans, and the first will satisfy the group-sex lovers too. The content may not be exclusive to the site, but this is a really hot collection of gay porn, and since it covers mainstream and kinky niches too, it’s warmly recommended to try.

Design & Features

Now, let’s take a look on the site itself. It seems that the guys who did the design wanted to go against the ordinary, and instead of a dark, shady porn site, they created a bright and fine portal. The layout is interesting, but it’s easy to use – there are the scenes listed in the middle, and on the right, you can pick a studio or categories. During your tour, you can view several trailers, and they will show you what’s going on in these videos. Take your time and explore the site’s content, and when you are done, head to the members’ area. When you log in, you will see that the site’s layout doesn’t change much. The videos’ thumbnails will be still listed on the left- and central area. On the top, next to the logo of the site, you can see the main menu, which features the Favorites and the Search options, along with the promotional deals (called Links) and the live cam shows website’s link. As some kind of sorting, you can find the studios’ and categories’ list on the left, so you can select from those, and see if you can find something you may enjoy.

The site wasn’t just re-designed, they also made it mobile-ready, so if you want to access gay porn on your smart phone, you can do so easily, without making any fuss about it. The WorldOfMen is a streaming-only portal – at least that’s the base conception. You can view the videos in the browser, by playing them in MP4 format via the Flash-based embedded player. The older videos are in FLV, but they also play nicely. The content is not in HD, so that may be a setback, however, these are fresh scenes mostly, so their original resolution is usually HD, and their SD version looks really good too. There are ways to download the scenes, but you have to cough up extra cash for that, so try to save only those videos that you really like. The files are DRM protected, so if you download one, you can keep it.

Guys & Videos

There are all kinds of hot lads in these videos. Some of the included sites offer cute Euro porn stars, ranging from cute twinks to hot jocks and bears. Their body is athletic usually, but there are some bigger guys, and slender beauties too. For ethnic guys, the RedHotLatinos has some gorgeous Latinos. Those who need some more mature men (from the 25-40 years old range) can find here lot of them – among them, some of the hottest US gay pornstars appear too. Hairy men and totally hairless men are all featured, and if you like uncut cocks, you will love those Euro-boys. The WorldOfMen offers you a mix of condom and bareback sex, so it’s a fine mix for the fans of both types. These videos barely cover any story or setup – apart from a few scenes, the action goes on straight, without any introduction or whatsoever. The actual action ranges from solo guys jacking off, to hot group scenes, bit of BDSM and lot of fetishes. This collection is really varied, and we happily recommend it to you if you like gay sex.


The WorldOfMen is a bit unusual in many ways. However, after the “re-launch” last year, it has come a long way, and with this great collection it’s going to stay for the long run. Yes, it’s a streaming only website, but nowadays this is the trend, and this way the site can keep the content safe and secure. The WorldOfMen is constantly growing, and it’s quite possible that by the time you read this, the video count is over the 2,000 mark, and that’s a good thing. With this fine mix of niches, guys and styles, the WorldOfMen is recommended to every porn fan.


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