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LesbianOlderYounger Review

Site Overview

They say that inside every female is a lesbian. Yes, even those ladies who claim they are straight, have lesbian tendencies, and this is rooted from their primal and natural characteristic of being curious and adventurous. That is just how girls are. Most of them are willing to experiment, and they feel more comfortable if they are going to perform these discoveries with other women. And isn’t this the topic of the most popular lesbian porn videos? We will usually see a scene containing two girls – either both inexperienced, or one guiding the other more.

However, we have found something more interesting than this type of lesbian porn. It is still related to this discovery concept, but instead of showing two fresh chicks, this features a woman who is more mature guiding the other one who is just trying out the new sensations. We have found this type of porn in a very interesting porn site called LesbianOlderYounger. As the name suggests, this porn site features scenes where two or more women are involved in hot girl on girl action. However, what sets this porn site apart from other lesbian porn sites is the fact that they mix fresh girls and MILFs together creating an interesting charm in their videos.

LesbianOlderYounger is actually part of the Evil Angel porn network and getting membership from this porn site will give you free access to twenty-five Evil Angel director sites. Yes, this porn site would totally give you a lot of value for your money. Not only that, you will also get to enjoy the massive library of content that this porn site has, and everything is in 1080p full high-definition. You will enjoy taking a look at the categories of the site as well. Let us mention a few of them just to give you an idea of what kinds of videos to expect.

Some of their categories are cunnilingus porn, fingering sex, and big tits lesbian, just to name a few. If you are already interested in signing up for membership here on LesbianOlderYounger, then allow us to give you the details. The entire process is really very simple. In fact, it is one of the simplest ones we have seen compared with the sign up process of the other porn sites that we have reviewed in the past. All you need to do is to create your account first, by simply typing in your email, along with the username and password that you want to use. After filling up the form, you may already select between the two available plans: a one-month membership and a three-month membership. A trial membership plan is also available for those who want to take a look at the site first before finally signing up for premium membership. This comes with a fee, though, but it is really cheap so you shouldn’t worry too much about it.

Design & Features

We love how the entire LesbianOlderYounger porn site is packaged for both men and women. We understand that a lot of guys are into lesbian porn, but of course, we cannot deny the fact that lesbians and even straight women are interested in viewing this kind of porn as well. Having said that, you will notice that the entire look of the site is very feminine, and it comes with a soft pink color theme. Once you have landed on the homepage, you will notice that the porn site does not have a welcome banner. It goes straight to business providing you a wide-screened trailer of their latest updates. This preview is made up of five different and recently updated scenes in the porn site.

Below this preview, the next thing that you are going to see is the thumbnails of their other recent videos. These thumbnails contain different information about the particular videos that they represent. They have the title, the five-star rating of the video, the date when it was uploaded, and finally, the names of the porn stars that were featured in it. Scrolling down, the next thing that you are going to see is another set of thumbnails. This time, they present the most popular and the newest porn stars in LesbianOlderYounger. Like the videos, they also have five-star ratings as well. Finally, another scroll down will show you thumbnails of their latest picture sets or photo albums. These albums usually come along with related videos so we definitely recommend for you to watch their accompanying videos as well if ever you decide to download one of their albums.

Girls & Videos

While the porn site did not really say that they focus on a certain type of personality, we have noticed that most of their women are Caucasian blondes and brunettes. We might have overlooked some Latinas, though, but in our entire tour of the porn site, we did not notice any Asian women. As for the type of girls, there are different types of girls here from long-legged to those who have big tits. One thing is for sure, though; their ladies are divided into two groups: the more mature ones, and the fresher chicks. This is also according to the theme of the porn site itself.

As for the videos, we loved how all of their videos are in high-definition. Their video quality is truly amazing. Aside from that, all of their videos are really creative as well. At first, we were kind of worried as to how many types of mature and innocent scenarios they can come up with, but upon seeing their content, we were surprised on the creative brains that have worked in the creation of the videos in this porn site because they were able to maintain the theme while creating absolutely unique and different scenarios every single time.


Are you a fan of lesbian porn? Don’t be missing out on the best ones by joining LesbianOlderYounger. We totally recommend this porn site to both male and female porn fans alike! We believe that everyone would certainly enjoy streaming and downloading this site’s content.



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Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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