Petite18 Review



Petite18 provides lots of exclusive exciting porn scenes with really fresh chicks that need to have fun with monster cocks.


Petite18 Review

Site Overview

The Petite18 is a hardcore porn site, which offers you a nice collection of hardcore videos. All scenes here feature girls, whom have a height well below the average, thus the monstercocks they had to deal with look much bigger than they actually are. All content of the Petite18 is exclusive and they were shot with the sole purpose of adding to this collection. The site is updated with a weekly frequency, usually a video and a photo set is added on each occasion. Since one site’s content is never enough, you will certainly appreciate the fact that the site is part of a network. When you join the Petite18, you automatically join the whole network, thus you get a bunch of other sites to browse, offering more hardcore videos.

Design & Features

Taking the tour on the Petite18 will prove to be an interesting experience. The site has a nice layout, and the overall impression you might get while you browse is positive. The top of the site features the banner, and the main menu. The free tour doesn’t offer too much, but it’s a bit more than you would have hoped for. You can rest your eyes on the thumbnails and gifs of the home page, and you can open the first page of the models list. If you are not a member, you can still send in your idea, and maybe they will do it.

The members’ zone has a good layout, that won’t pose any troubles while you browse it. On the top of the page, you can always find the main menu, and the search bar. From the menu you can get to the separate section of the updates, and you may also reach the included sites. All movies are enjoyable in online form. The embedded player provided is fast, and thanks to the good stream, it buffers the videos really quickly. As for the quality of the online resolution, you will get a normal SD resolution, or a nearly WebHD one in some cases. For saving the scenes the Petite18 offers you MP4 files. Most of the videos have a 720p version, so if you want to build your own porn collection, you should save the HD files.

Every movie is uploaded with a matching picture set, and these galleries will certainly satisfy you. You can enlarge the set to full screen and navigating through the galleries is easy. A zip file is offered for each set, thus you can save them easily, and enjoy a slideshow outside the browser. When you become a member, you gain access to the mobile site of the Petite18. This page is fully optimized, and it operates really well. The porn fans will surely appreciate it.

Girls & Videos

You will find really hot girls on the Petite18. This site-name is a talkative one, since it describes just fine what kind of girls you might expect to find here. These models are hot and most of the times their body-build is below the average; they are skinny and they are short. Another important aspect of them is their age: they are under twenty, which means that some pretty fresh pussy gets destroyed here. When a girl is short, a normal cock looks big next to her, but as you might have guessed there won’t be normal dicks: to make it more spectacular they hired some well-hung lads with monstrous cocks… and thus we already discussed everything you need to know about the male models.

The chicks here will certainly fit into your fantasies, because they are really something to be seen. They are not pornstars, and they just started in the porn business, so you can expect to find here all natural beauties. As for their ethnicities, you will find them to be really varied. Most of them are Caucasians, though some very hot Latinas and Blacks are doing the nasty on this site. They are gorgeous, and you won’t find here only those glamorous cuties, who moan in erotic ways but many of the cuties here are the kind that will turn you on, and you would like to get them in a rough intercourse. Right now, the network has a models’ database made up from more than 400 cuties, and many appear on this site too.

All video here is staged, and professionally made. You can recognize the signs of professionalism in the style of capturing and in the overall setup. The girls wearing make-up, the lightning is well-set, and everyone knows what to do. These scenes are studio made, and you can hardly find here outdoor videos, but nevertheless the places they do it at are varied. The things they perform in the videos are really exciting and varied. Variety is ensured due to the large number of models, and the sex in the scenes also isn’t boring. The main niche of the site is mostly the monstercock sex, but to make it more exciting, they picked the shortest girls, who also look pretty hot. The videos here feature blowjobs, and by that we mean deepthroat, gagging and facefucking too. Naturally, the girls get their pussy widened by that large cock, but if you are a fan of gaping assholes, you will find it that most videos cover that. Right now, the site seems to offer more than 50 videos, which is a pretty neat number.


The Petite18 will surely help you get the load off your balls, because the videos here are exciting, and simply hot. The girls are doing their best, and it’s arousing to see them trying to take it all into their cunts, no matter how big the actual partner is. If you like hardcore porn videos, you might certainly enjoy the scenes of the Petite18, because it’s pure heavy hardcore. There is an already large collection on this site, and with the regular updates, it always gets bigger. The real porn fans should give this site a try, and if you are that, you might also take a look at the included bonus sites, where more hardcore porn awaits.

 Videos  More than 500 Videos
 Pics  More than 1.000 Pictures Sets
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