VoyeurJapanTV Review



JapanVoyeurTV offers many exciting videos featuring voyeur porn. There are many different models on the site and all of them just need to do nasty things.


VoyeurJapanTV Review

Site Overview

The VoyeurJapanTV is a hardcore porn site, which grants you access to a collection of videos and photos, featuring stunning Japanese beauties and couples, doing the nasty in public or in the assumed loneliness of their bedroom. These exclusive videos are really hot, and with the weekly update schedule you will certainly feel appreciated as a member. Naturally, one site is never enough for the porn fans, so the guys behind this one grant you access to some bonuses. There are two sites included in the membership: SexJapanTV and PissJapanTV. The first is a somewhat regular hardcore site, the other is a fetish site. Apart from the extra sites, you gain access to the constantly growing DVD collection too.

Design & Features

The tour page of the VoyeurJapanTV looks fine, and it works properly. The main menu is located on the top. From there, you can reach the scenes’ list, the network sites list and the bonuses. When you take the tour, you can enjoy some trailers, which will help you get going about that decision. When you log in, the inner section where you land has nearly the same layout as the tour page. The design elements are the same. On the left side of the page, you will see some info about the network. The search engine is also located there: you can search by models, categories, or type in keywords. An advanced search page is also available. If you want to know what’s hot, you can check the network updates under the search menu. If you find something that you would like to watch, you can click on its thumbnail, and you arrive at the video’s page. A medium sized player will appear in the central area, while on the left side you can see the additional options; under the player window, you can read a description, and some video captions are also there.

The videos are available for download, so you can save them too: mostly MP4 files are offered in HD, together with a mobile optimized file too. The online watching is a good option if you want to ascertain yourself of the quality of the sex, but don’t worry the online video quality isn’t the best you can get here. There are much more photo sets than videos, which is a bit weird, but there are lots of guys who prefer that kind of medium. These galleries are mostly photos, but there are video captions of the site’s scenes too. You can find on the VoyeurJapanTV some very good quality photos here. You may browse them all in the browser’s window, or save the galleries in compressed files. The VoyeurJapanTV has a very nice mobile website too, which can do everything that the desktop version is capable of. You browse the galleries and play the videos’ in your mobile’s or tablet’s browser.

Girls & Videos

The girls here are varied in many aspects, and there are only just a few things that they have in common. First of all they are all Japanese women, who got caught by the camera while they were doing something nasty with themselves, or with their man. Another major similarity is that they are all really hot. So, now let’s see what makes them so varied. You will notice as you watch the videos, that not all of them are really voyeur porn, some of the scenes are studio-made or home-made porn. This means that you will find here professional AV Idols, as well as amazingly hot amateurs. It’s important to mention as a side-note, that apart from the granny categories, almost all adult ages are represented, from the barely adult girls to the gorgeous Japanese MILFs and Matures.

The site offers you a stars’ database, so if you are looking for a particular Japanese AV Idol, you should check her there. The body of the girls is also really varied. It doesn’t matter if you prefer perky tits or big round ones, it’s certain that you will find something that you like. Since there is some actually amateur content on the site, you can expect to find here a bit average looking women too, with bushy pussy and imperfect body. Now, another hard task about the VoyeurJapanTV is to depict whether the videos are scripted and staged, or not. The best assumption is to say that they might be scripted, since there are some suspicious elements: makeup, lighting and the overall video quality. However, you might find some medium and lower quality videos here, which seems to be real home-made videos and hidden camera footages.

The main niche of the site is voyeur porn. If you are here, it means that you probably know what this is all about. The voyeur porn videos feature a couple engaging in sexual activities (mostly in public) and the guy with the camera sneaks on them and film the whole thing. Most often the girls are masturbating alone, and it’s captured by a second party, or with hidden camera. This sneaky porn niche is really hot, and knowing that those who are on the screen don’t really know they are being filmed makes it a very nasty (and surprisingly popular) niche. The videos also cover fetishes, because you can enjoy lots of scenes here featuring girls pissing in public places or in toilets.


The VoyeurJapanTV is an exciting website, where you can find a good compilation of nasty porn videos. Those who are behind the site chose a really hot niche, thus it’s quite possible that it will stay online for a good time. Apart from the fact that the girls are all Japanese, the nature of the videos and the overall style is really hot. To make it more worthwhile, the site offers you neat bonuses too. You gain access to two other niche-driven websites, and to the DVD library. The three sites and the DVD collection is updated on a regular basis, so you won’t run out of content for a while, and you get it all for the price of one porn site.

 Videos  More than 400 Videos
 Pics  More than 1.000 Pictures Sets
 Download  Available
 Categories  hardcore, voyeur, anal, fetish, solo, masturbation

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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