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PimpPassport is made up of 11 websites that cater to anyone who is looking for a hardcore content fix for their porn watching needs.


PimpPassport Review

Site Overview

Hardcore porn is one of the most popular genres of porn and yet so many people do not get to access high quality porn thanks to many websites turning the genre into blasphemy in the name of content. If you are tired of seeing content that is just too tame and not ‘hardcore’ enough then one of the best websites to cater to your needs is Pimp Passport. The website is home to some of the best videos that you could see on a porn website and it is also home to a wide range of DVDs as well. The website has been in the running for years and they started off quite medium but it hardly took them any time to reach the top of the industry thanks to their dedication to provide content that is high on value.

You will never see a website that is so consistent when it comes to updates and they have hundreds of videos being pushed out each month to all of their 11 network websites. If you want to get a ton of variety as well as access to a wide range of models then you should definitely consider becoming a member of the website. The website has been around for over half a dozen years and they have been consistently putting out videos and DVDs for the audience. The wide variety of models combined with the sexy scenes that are a part of the website are of premium standards and are completely exclusive. If you want to get such memberships it is generally considered to be expensive but it is very surprising that the cost of membership at Pimp Passport is quite low for what it offers. All of the genres that you could think of have been covered along with niche videos as well that are aimed at pleasing people who are looking for something different.

The website is home to over 26.000 videos, 300.000 pictures and 500 porn DVDs which is just massive when you think about it and the numbers are evenly spread out across all of the websites. You will not only find plenty of American women but also some nice interracial porn as well. The scenes are very varied and nearly all of the genres that you can think of have been covered. You will not have trouble signing up for the page as it has one of the best sign up procedures. All you need to do is head to any of the network sites or the main page of the Pimp passport network and you will be able to sign up for the network in an instant. Once you get your username and password, you can use it to sign into any of the network pages and the website also allows you to access a safe logout option which allows you to quit your login session from all of the network websites with just one click. One of the most commendable things about the website is the high quality customer service that you get. You will be assisted with anything that you need if you have trouble accessing the website or even signing up for the page. You should also head to the tour page of the website just in case you are wondering if you should be signing up for the page or not.

Design & Features

Pimp Passport has a good user interface and this stands for all of the 11 hardcore websites that are a part of the Pimp Passport network. The website is known for its consistency when it comes to putting out content evenly across all genres and you will be able to get all of your hardcore videos, images and DVDs one the respective network pages. You can also get an overview of all of the updates that are scheduled to come out on the website through the main page of the member’s area. There are many panels and search tools that you can use to find all of the videos that you need. The website has been updated plenty of times for you to get the best possible experience at all of the Pimp Passport network websites with new features to make the user experience as good as possible so you can expect even more improvements to all of the Pimp passport features in the coming days to come as well.

There are multiple options to choose from when it comes to streaming and you will be able to get a smooth experience overall when it comes to streaming. The videos do not suffer from any kind of lag or stutter and you will be able to get a really smooth performance overall from the website with high definition videos if you stream on a decent internet connection. You will not have to worry about DRM licensing and will have full access to all of the videos that you download even if your membership runs out. You should definitely head to the member’s area of the network if you want to be notified of all of the latest updates. You will not have to worry about missing out on updates as all of the content that is uploaded shows up once you login. Do remember to use the safe logout option when you want to logout of all of the network websites with just once click to prevent other people from accessing your account from your computer.

Girls & Videos

The beautiful women who are part of the website are just stunning and you will be able to experience hardcore porn in a completely new fashion thanks to the 11 websites that you get access too. The models who are part of the website are experienced for the most part and you will get access to some of the biggest names in the industry at the page.


The videos have been really consistent in terms of quality and the high value offering that you get from the page is really compelling enough to warrant purchasing a membership for yourself.

Videos More than 26.000 Videos
Pics More than 300.000 Pictures
Download Available
Categories hardcore

Warning: the website is not active anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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