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Animation porn videos have never been so exciting and well made like the ones on Puuko.


Puuko Review

Site Overview

Most dudes particularly those who proceeded in the form of adulthood prefer to see horny artwork instead of live ones. Probably it is because the animator has the control over the face, the irresistible eyes, the size of the boobs, and the body of the chicks. All in all, these hentai girls look so clean and attractive even though that they are being pounded by monsters with huge dicks. To name a few famous and attractive Japanese Anime girls, who can resist the beauty of Faye Valentine in Cowboy Bebop or how about Belldandy in Oh My Goddess? There are lots of Anime chicks fantasies that you would wish that they are real. Think about the famous Nami in One Piece and my personal favorite Alisa Amiella at God Eater. Even though that they are just drawings by Japanese anime animators, they seem to be attractive and irresistible. So, for hentai lovers who want to see toons and galleries from the Japanese manga world, the Puuko official guarantees that you can have the time of your life spending your night with these lovely Japanese anime.

Design & Features

Opening the main page of the site made me confused a bit. Yes, there are vids and images featuring hentai exotic girls but, what makes this site very different from others are that it also includes hentai games. I like to try those games but it may consume a lot of time so, I’ve decided to just go ahead and explore the site more. I’m planning to play those games but first, let’s get down to business. The site has a huge amount of hentai materials. Moreover, there are lots of online hentai community and followers. The site takes me back to me when fantasizing anime girls specifically the Sailor Moon chicks. It is bright, with full of hot anime chicks, colorful and stimulating. At the moment, Puuko got 155 videos that are 25 minutes each. There will be lots of hentai actions from solo, lesbian anime, exotic hentai like monsters will fuck an innocent looking gal, cock sucking, ass pounding and more.

If you are an anime fan, you would say that most of the drawings are look familiar. There are vids and images that look like the Sailor Soldiers wearing their girly uniform in a skirt, there is also a certain video that looks like Sakura the Card Captor and the dudes will fuck her up looked like the guys from Hunter X Hunter. It is your fantasies during those times when you are still growing up that put you over the edge. These colorfully inked chicks will be fucked in every way and it is going to be nasty in the nicest way of course. These videos can be downloaded or watched on streaming using different video formats. You can use DRM,AVI, MP4, and Flash. For the best quality, it is highly recommended to download the vids in DRM or AVI. But, if you are in a hurry, you can watch these anime in live streaming using flash for quicker buffering. The images, on the other hand, are available once you click the “Pictures” page found at the navigation bar. These colorful irresistible drawings are hot, sexy, presented in the highest quality. In fact, there are some images that are better than camera shots. What would you expect these are animations.

If this review is enough or seeing the site itself convinced you to become a member, you may click on the join button at the homepage. They made a wonderful job which directs you of exactly what you want to see. The graphic interface is presented nicely with eye-catching colors, and lots of video archives, hentai sex, Manga, Doujin and even updates. I haven’t been in this kind of porn site for a long time and the site itself made me missed this kind of porn pleasure.

Girls & Videos

The hentai chicks are made and originated in most famous anime series. If you grew up watching these animations, you can relate to the scenes and the characters. There are plenty anime erotic hardcore shoes that will keep your earthly pleasure to be satisfied. They offer several fuck styles and the most unimaginable sex scenes. They are kisses that you will remember those days when your lip lingers to your chick for a long amount of time, there are also smooching, cuddling and sex passion. They’ve done a great job making the scenes sensual. What I like about these hentai videos is the description. The site knows the importance of content and therefore they produce descriptions to the scenes where it will describe the dirtiness and all the information you need. The descriptions itself is stimulating, but wait until you see the actions on streaming. It will not take forever when downloading the stuff to your computer or mobile devices. You are guaranteed that your evening delight would not be spent on watching buffing.

The animation is truly extraordinary. Everything from the synopsis, the plot, and the fuck scenes are awesome. It’s like watching anime series that includes remarkable fuck scenes. Of course, since they are made from computer graphics and drawings, they will show you everything they’ve got for your pleasure’s sake. There will be hairless smooth pussies that looks very delicious, boobs in different sizes, ass pounding, cock sucking, boob jobs, threesome, foursome and even groupies. There are also masturbation and some sort of sci-fi and Japanese cultures.


I’ve been into many porn sites and reviewed plenty of them. But I must admit, I’ve fallen once again from these animations. There is a mixed emotion that brings me back when I was still in the process of adulthood and wishing that these horny manga animations will come to life. The fineness, the colorful layout, and the interface of the site is commendable. As for the site itself, it is highly recommended for guys who wants to see anime actions in the most exotic and sophisticated ways.



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