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RawFuck has the prettiest European dudes going wild and dirty in exciting hardcore actions.


RawFuck Review

Site Overview

If we are to go by looks and bodies, it is without any uncertainty that the European men appear to have the best of both worlds. Muscles are ripped and hard, abs are defined and chiseled and faces can definitely launch a thousand ships too. And yes, a staff that can drill the wettest holes and fill a wanting mouth is part of the entire package as well. Now if we involve all these gods into scenes where they have nothing on but the dirtiest thoughts and deeds in a sweeping sexual glorification done either indoors or outdoors then it’s the closest to Mount Olympus that we can get into. In doing things in the raw, the man-to-man niche is taken at an altogether different level of appreciation as meats are pounded one at a time or at a bedlam happening in a gang bang fashion. Visit RawFuck and see for yourself what all the roar is all about.

Design & Features

As vanilla as it can get, the website interface is basic and simple and that goes without saying that no one will ever encounter hitches in enjoying what RawFuck has to offer. This makes it fairly navigable for most porn lovers. To many, the amount of material to be consumed steadily and with quality is the best reason to sign up than a splashy and sleek adult web layout that is hard to understand and that takes a lot of time going about eventually. A fancy site is the least of the concern for many as they want something more straightforward in its treatment of the uploaded material. Everyone wants to get lost in all the hardcore action and not lose one’s temper as things are so complicated and not user-friendly. In so doing, taking advantage of the videos and pics can be done right away instead of getting distracted with the unnecessary frills and laces. There exist the member’s ratings as well as their respective comments on what is in the storylines and the what all the hard hitting action is all about. Sorting through the flick’s popularity can be done as well as through the usual model’s index with a basic search function.

There are frequent updates done almost weekly with a couple of fresh uploads instead of just one at one given time. By doing this, you look forward to getting inspired every time you pay RawFuck a visit, enough for you to keep wanting to come back time and time again. Galleries of photos accompany each episode with some providing more than two dozens of images in full high-resolution quality. This will make your enjoyment almost non-stop be it with the moving pictures or with the still ones. Not that you will be pausing the videos for a long time too, with an almost 400 titles up its arms, RawFuck made sure that you get your overload of European pretty faces and rock hard bodies for an endless night [or day] of carnal hours. The videos and pictures can be zipped into a folder once they are downloaded so you can have your stash of smut accessible and portable wherever you go. The photo galleries can be viewed by using a slideshow format so that you won’t have to get your hands busy with the mouse but rather with the two dozen pictures you are about to enjoy. The amount of images in the gallery depends on the titles you have selected as they vary. At a decent 800×600 pixel resolution, the photos can continue where the video has left off so that you can have inspiration at any given moment’s notice anywhere you are convenient to play with your prick.

Guys & Videos

Using the Flash player found on the site, streaming is a breeze and can be run at different rates to suit your connection speed. Running at 1000 kbps, the resolution reaches 960×540. A choice between a WMV and an MP4 format is for the downloaded files. There is a similar maximum resolution for downloads but with a faster 2200 kbps rate. Playing the content offline can be done to your groin’s content as there is no DRM protection as well as no download limit existing.

There are the mature models who are up to no good too in sharing what worldly knowledge they know to initiate a lot of the unlearned into the curriculum of sex and erogenous zones. Mind you, RawFuck has done it in a couple of role playing ways. They are either men in uniform who are going beyond the call of duty as they save mankind one sexual partner at a time. As firefighters, they get their hoses out not to fight fire but to ignite the flames further with their partners who are as eager to burn each other out too as they get consumed with all the thrill and horny touches that are inside them. The variety is many ranging from the delicate ones in demeanor and body to the muscular and hustler men of attitude. The creamy white models perform stunts in different scenes involving a duo, a threesome or a gang bang. They go mostly blondes or brunettes but what matters more is how they are able to carry out their earthly mission of satisfying the male body like no other can plus doing it bareback. Orgies and group sex involve a range of foreplay before hitting it in an all time humping high and fuck fest. Cock docking is even explored at times as most of the models are uncut, so this is yet again a fetish source of spicing things up onscreen and in your own privacy.


RawFuck has gathered the gods in all its forms and postures. Many members have become one in saying that the producers are able to create an assembly of the prettiest Europeans ever in one site. Take a shot at the innocent faces which look like they are all wet in the ears [and ass cheeks] in learning all that they can in the sacred religion of the bedroom. As they get instructed by the more experienced ones they do get wet behind the ears literally in sweat as they enjoy most of the human body in one go.


Videos More than 400 Videos
Pics More than 400 Picture Sets
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Categories gay, hardcore, orgy, threesome, gangbang

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here

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