Thagson Review



Thagson gives to its members and to the world the best Spanish porn films that leave the people wanting for more.


Thagson Review

Site Overview

Thagson is considered to be the number one porn site since the early 1990’s. They also claim to be the most ‘exquisite porn site’ of the country. Well, they aren’t wrong. Truth be told, that’s actually an understatement since Thagson produces really great and high quality videos that ever graced the porn industry. It has won numerous awards from various porn events like the FICEB Internacional Porn Festival where they won Best Movie, Best Production, and Best Spanish Brand respectively. Among the many awards they were blessed with, they are also proud winners for Best Feature Movie, Best International Feature Film, Best Erotic Movie, and Best Movie of the Year. When you sign in to become a member, you’ll realize that these awards are so well-deserved considering the effort that Thagson’s award-winning directors and producers have placed in each and every film they make. Each adult film they shoot is made with the intention of bringing pleasure to its viewers. They bring out the best cinematics and the best erotic storyline that other porn sites have yet to offer. The sex is unimaginably great and it’s so hardcore that it not only gives you excitement, but the willingness to join in the fun.

Design & Features

Thagson’s website is pretty much down to a minimal. It focuses more on the beauty of its creation rather than give you a headache with weird and crazy color schemes. Thagson produces a lot of high-end movies with plots, acting, and great cinematography and these videos are accessible once you become a member. You will have access to a lot of Hollywood parodies and remakes, with a twist of sexy and steamy. They have around 70-ish adult films made and 260-ish scenes that grace their website. You can download these films and scenes in 1080p and 720p mp4 files that offer an excellent playback quality, as well as a few low resolution formats. Each and every single one of these scenes can be streamed in full HD in the website as well.

The longer you become a member in the site, the more perquisites and bonuses you get. You will be able to go through other porn sites like Paradise Films, Filthy and Fisting, Inflagranti, Verso Cinema, Fun Movies, and Purzel Videos. Thagson also has a few live cams present in their site but it usually gets overshadowed by the amazing videos they make anyway but you can always check it out. You might come across something even sexier and steamier. Thagson also has a lot photo sets which you can download as a ZIP file. Each photo set has around two hundred photos inside, each are pretty large and clear. You can view them online slideshows too, if you are not too keen about downloading. Updates are done pretty often and they usually upload a new film or a few scenes every month so you will always be introduced to something new. You will also be able to gain access to a lot of extras – in time. The first thirty days, you won’t be able to do that but after that ordeal, you’ll be able to enjoy a little bit of heaven on Earth.

Girls & Videos

Thagson introduces to the world a flock of attractive and tantalizing ladies with a knack of getting fingered, fucked and convinced into some steamy anal sex and the likes. They love a little double penetration here and there, a sprinkle of intimate and hot threesomes and orgies with really hot Spanish guys. Surprisingly enough, for a Spanish porn site, they display women with other European pedigree too. They also introduced a couple of girls from the Latin community as well as from North America. Although of different origins and different physical appeal, these girls share one thing in common: the desire to get pinned down and be fucked right after. They are as horny as can be and they will leave you in the same state as well when the cameras get rolling.

There are so many ladies to choose from in Thagson; a wide variety of women that would make you hard. It’s your choice, to be honest. You have blondes like Laura Crystal, Julia Taylor, and Kagney Lynn Karter. Brunettes like Tamiry Chiavary and Veronica da Souza. Red heads, my personal favorite, like Shiela Marie and Michelle Lay. Let’s not forget about our MILFs, with ladies like Julia Ann and Jane Darling, it’s pretty safe to say that age does not define being sexy.


Their films are erotic and hardcore at the same time, something that would always pique someone’s interest. I know it piqued mine! These films are so full of life that you not only get to enjoy the amazing sex depicted but also get engrossed and impressed at how the storyline was made. The video quality is incredible and astounding, the porn stars mind blowingly gorgeous and stunning. The sex is great and majestic that you’d want to get teleported into a certain scene and join in the fun – if only that was remotely possible. It will leave you hard and breathless, desperately wanting for more.

When Thagson claimed they were number one, I could immediately distinguish why. They are the best at what they do. They state that they provide the world with distinguished and notable high definition videos with only pleasure in their mind and they were not bluffing at all! You could totally see it in all the awards they won. As the person that I am, I grabbed the chance to be a member immediately and so should you! A world full of joy and delight in the form of Thagson is here and I promise you that you won’t regret every single second of the day you spend in there. It’s basically cloud nine. In a website.


Videos More than 260 Videos
Pics More than 200 Picture Sets
Download Available
Categories hardcore, anal, threesome, orgies

Warning: the website is not updated anymore, but you can find a very close one here