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TheLesbianExperience is a great porn site that provides intense and passionate girl on girl actions.


TheLesbianExperience Review

Site Overview

On September 6, 2016, New Sensations and Digital Sin announced the official launch of its hottest membership web site, The Lesbian Experience. This web site features artistically produced sex scenes of high-end girl on girl action, exploring variety of sex themes and starring the porn industry’s biggest porn stars, and beautiful new comers. Here is a statement from the creators, “We are very thrilled to let you know that The Lesbian Experience is now live”. The New Sensations and Digital Sin Media Sales Chief Belle Taylor has also said that, “Our porn web site creators and group of artists have worked very hard to conjure an original girl on girl action experience for porn fans of realistic passion.” Now, let us talk more about this porn web site, The Lesbian Experience.

The Lesbian Experience is for any fanatic of girl on girl porn that wants masterfully shot girl on girl porn scenes with deep emotions and very deep emotional connection. The Lesbian Experience is the one of the most astonishing girl on girl focused porn company since Girl’s Way. Unlike some other up and running girl on girl porn focused companies that tried and failed from making the similar, old and obvious mistakes lesbian porn fans hate, The Lesbian Experience seems to know what people really want to see for a girl on girl porn flick, and they made it.

Design & Features

Nobody wants to talk about the technical stuff that much, but hey if we are going to do this, we have to do it right. We have to do it for the sake of the lesbian porn fans out there. The page navigation here on The Lesbian Experience porn web site works very well. This porn web site has a permanent navigation top menu bar, same with the top parts of each and every The Lesbian Experience porn web site pages. This Lesbian Experience porn web site top menu bar is an old technical feature that I have witnessed on other Digital Sin and New Sensations girl on girl porn web sites.

It appears that they do not understand just how annoying and infuriating this specific technical feature is. Plus this web feature takes up a whopping 1/3 of the screen on this lesbian porn web page. With all these finally being put into light, we now go to the browsing function on this lesbian porn site. To be honest it is not too bad. Now regarding the content, the girl on girl porn videos are very well done and the girl on girl porn photo sets and girl on girl porn screen shots galleries are also very well layered. The girl on girl porn model library, even though they are a lot, was also very well organized and the data about the girl on girl porn scenes was very well made. It includes with it a very nice, concise, and direct to the point lesbian porn scene update information.

The Lesbian Experience web page is compatible with your common handy mobile phones and all around tablet gadgets. The lesbian porn videos are featured in a MP4 and FLV file formats and it is presented in a full high definition girl on girl porn quality with its full sized screen resolution. The Lesbian Experience launches more than thirty girl on girl porn exclusives, full length girl on girl porn scenes and girl on girl porn photo sets. They have a lot to offer and they are sure to give you more, until you reach orgasmic satisfaction.

Girls & Videos

Now we are going to talk about the best part, the girls and the lesbian porn flicks that they star in. The girl on girl porn stars that are currently featured on this lesbian porn site includes some of the brightest and most talented in making love. The girl on girl porn stars that you will see are Riley Reid, Kimmy Granger, Leah Gotti, Mia Malkova, Shyla Jennings, Katrina Jade, a whole lot more girl on girl porn experts.

Now, let us talk about the main part, the porn flicks. First up on the chopping block is ‘An Unexpected Encounter’ featuring stunning eight lesbian porn stars that are about to partake and go down on an unexpected girl on girl action encounter that has never been seen before, an all girls fuck fest. Watch the thrill of having an unknown guest added to the mix. Watch the softness of a girl touching another girl, the sweetness of their labia and, most importantly, the breath taking orgasms that they are about to experience.

The scenes were shot in full High Definition. There are also behind the scenes and some girl on girl action photo galleries. Some trailers are also available if you are into strip teasing yourself. This girl on girl action flick is around 102 minutes. Meaning, before the movie ends you will have about 5 orgasms more or less. This film stars girl on girl actresses, playing as step sisters stirring up heat and some endorphins while exploring a ghost house. The other part of the story is about another set of step sisters attempting to forget about their past forbidden girl on girl encounter, despite their unmistakable attraction to each other.

This girl on girl porn film also features a third set of eye catching sisters who turned on each other while they were undercover. They stimulated each other’s bodies at the time of their arrest visit. Lastly, the 4th stepsister pair, who have a nosy habits that puts them into hot, steaming and compromising sexual encounters. Get ready to see where a crazy twist of fate leads these hot, lesbian sisters when they encounter each other. You will see a once in a life time girl on girl action fuck fest. This story is just one of the many flicks that you will encounter, and I am sure that you will want more once you see it.


The Lesbian Experience is a fairly new lesbian porn site, but there is a lack of girl on girl porn contents here. But that is not a very big problem because they offset it by updating contents at a very rapid rate. This means that this web site can easily grow their collection of lesbian porn library. To keep the fans from getting bored and to keep you more interested, they are prepared to change the themes of their girl on girl porn videos regularly. They are exploring variety of girl on girl porn kinks. Meaning they do not dwell too much into one of them.

Another exciting fact is that they feature girl on girl porn heavy hitter pairs like Diamond / Law and Paige / Valentine, which carries an additional punch to their own brand of porn cocktail. The Lesbian Experience porn web site is most definitely not holding back when it comes to give you more. This porn site is also offering more gifts that will keep you coming back for more.


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