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Wankz gives you access to more than 60 websites and to an amazing collection of hardcore videos.


Wankz Review

Site Overview

Wankz is a network that we all want to be a part of because of two obvious reasons; top-notch viewing moments and all-around pornstars who have come out to play. Jam-packed with content from 60+ websites, Wankz has made the promise that it will delight you with sexual pleasures in every way. The scenes consist of everything from big-tatted fresh faces to gangbang scenes that will make you wet your pant with all manner of sexual juices. ‘Wankz’ may not be a word that is commonly used on adult websites but in Britain, it is a word that is used to describe the act of jerking off. While others may call it beating off or stroking the soldier, either way, it is a masturbation act that will leave you highly satisfied.

Contrary to what you may think, Wankz is not a British network. It is an all-American hardcore portal that is loaded with a grand list of A-star performers who are ready to take you above and beyond the sexual border with nothing less than determination. This is one network that does not fuck around (so to speak) as it goes straight for the grain. The network is your one stop shop for raunchy scenarios and explicit scenes that will leave you with the kind of satisfaction that will sustain you for a great number of days. Even midgets and other dwarfs are not excluded from these pleasure parties.

The videos are presented in the best quality. The array of sites here is devoted to all manner of sexual acts including big boobs and dicks. It does not matter what you want to see because this network will ensure that it serves you satisfaction on a silver platter. Launched in May 2015, Wankz has been a steady supplier of good adult content since its inception. Never has it failed in giving us the absolute best. All of the scenes that you will see here are sheer hardcore. Unfortunately, there is no room here for softies. Brought to you by the HOHLimitedNetwork, Wankz is filled with 100% exclusive movies that will ensure all of your viewing moments will exceed your exception. With a combined thousands of files and images alike you will never run out of pleasurable moments that will get you excited.

Design & Features

As already discussed, Wankz boasts of 69+ websites that deliver nothing but absolute satisfaction to you. The array of scenes makes the platform, in general, one exciting venture. Some of the videos on Wankz are of 4k-ultra HD Clarity, proving that they can run with the best. On the other hand, the photos are also provided in great clarity, generally reaching the peaks of 16000px. Zip downloads are available here.

The members’ area will provide you with some seriously good porn. There is no moment of boredom to contend with here. It is safe to say that you will never lack for entertainment as far as this platform is concerned. In addition to quality, the network ensures that you can make the most of the quantity. The best part of the network is that the production value is never compromised.

Using the user interface is truly a delightful experience that enables you to make the most of the platform. Depending on what you want to enjoy of the collection, you can be certain that you will find it easily and conveniently. All of the viewing choices are solid, with multiple choices, features, and capabilities. With a weekly update frequently, you can be certain that this network will be crawling with scenes faster than you can say ‘Wank’. Wankz also enables mobile users to easily access the content even when they are on the go. With an abundance of sorting and searching tools, you will truly have a blast navigating through this pleasure portal. Do not be afraid, make the most of your time here and find out what Wankz has to offer.

Girls & Videos

Wankz will deliver each and every kind of model to you: interracial women who are dying for aggressive sexual encounters, thick Latinas, grandmas on heat, encounters and fresh faces who are getting filled by the world’s biggest cocks. They promise you of great porn encounters that will simply leave you begging for more. You better be ready to contend with the horniest of porn stars and amateurs because they all believe that they deserve a bucket load of cum.

You will definitely take note of the appearances of famous faces such as Nami Dahhia, Adrian Maya and many more. It is almost as if they prepared all their entire lives for this, as such, they put on a couple of the greatest sex shows that you have possibly ever seen. In comparison to all other networks, Wankz has the hottest model roster. These are the kind of girls who take the lead role in all of your fantasies. They put all that they have on the line of pleasure, in order for you to enjoy great entertainment as well as help them find fulfillment.

Blowjobs are the most prominent sexual acts that you will get to enjoy here. As the models blow loads, they do it in sexy and enticing ways, showing you that they can put their hands and mouth at work at the same exact time. Blondes and brunettes surely dominate this platform. Do not discount the redheads, though, they are also excited to show you exactly what they can do in front of the camera. The sex tips that you will get from watching these scenes are truly worth remembering.


This semi-exclusive network has gone out of its way to promise and deliver the very best. With a diversity of adult action, you can be certain that there isn’t any snooze fest here. The scenes are bold in action and high in quality, proving that quality and quantity are two things that you can count on when it comes to Wankz. How many networks do you think offer 4k ultra-HD movies? Did you say none? Well, Wankz does! This is exactly why it is a network worth visiting.


Videos More than 500 Videos
Pics More than 500 Picture Sets
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