WaterBondage Review



WaterBondage is where you'll satisfy all your sexual urges with incredible kinky water sex games.


WaterBondage Review

Site Overview

This is the porn site where Chanta Rose was the sitting queen when it started. If you are looking for girl-to-girl BDSM action and to fulfill your femdom appetite, then WaterBondage is here. Sex, in and with water, fills this niche site with beautiful women solo, with a partner or in a group. Everyone is invited to frolic in splashing the water and sex around.

Design & Features

Fantasies of wet and wild varieties come true with WaterBondage. This niche website dedicated to fusing discipline and water will provide you all the run of your imagination in terms of reaching a climax using water like no other. From boner to cumming, WaterBondage guarantees that your exploration of using water in arousing a woman till she orgasms will not be discouraged. There is so much new poses and positions to look out for when you visit the site. The water filled scenes start off mainly dry with the wonder women of sex fully dressed up until they meet the gigantic hoses stripping them of both clothing and inhibition.

The caresses she receives can become too much to handle, yet she gets tied up first in a dunking chair before she is initiated into the succession of being submerged head first into the human size aquarium filled with clear liquid to the brim. Her head is splashed in and out till she is almost out of breath. In watching this, the race in your veins will be so enormous that even your dick will be compelled to burst out all its suppressed emotions into one heavy and panting finish.

The look of the site is simple and one may not entirely get an idea immediately of what to expect. That is even considered good as one steps in without any expectations. With that zero knowledge comes the full lack of inhibition of what you are about to see. You will be in for a good surprise as you click on one file and see, perhaps the first time for many, what a knock-out combination it can become. The simplicity of the site makes a good contrast to the heaviness of the actions that will reach out to you from the screen. It is an entirely sexual water space for the viewers and visitors alike. WaterBondage is the sexual fetish for all things drenched and disciplined rolled into one. The portrayals are so explicit that the expressions in the eyes of the sexed up sisters will test one’s limit.

Girls & Videos

The women are interviewed to give the pre- and post-production details of how they were able to prepare well for the roles they have to undertake in the episodes they have to star in. It will build your interest more and more as you want to listen in and learn what are the techniques that have been put in place to ensure the safety of all the sexual actions which border on out-of-breath situations a couple of times. The creative thoughts which went with the shoots will be the ones to watch out for.

You will likewise become well-informed and adequately initiated into this particular water fetish. The member’s forum discuss the details that were taken in and became part of the action-packed videos. This is handy if you want to make the sexual positions you’ve seen to become part of your bedroom habits when you get inspired with BDSM thoughts involving water instruments and implements. The water mermaids are picked only from well-known porn superstars who already have a ready following. These fans are on close watch of what their favorite porn goddesses are up to. This time around the sex angels are out to swirl in the water fantasies to remember even by the most discriminating audience of pussies and asses. There is so much energy involved from one second to the next that you have to catch your breath all the time.

The kink level is set up so high that you may not look at the site the same way as before you did. This is femdom clearly set deep in the sexual waters to provide the ultimate arousal method in keeping you wet, on and off screen. The girls are involved in a lot of rope and role play. They figure in a lot of strapped on scenes initially and you can see them struggle while they are on it. Some of them are gagged with balls to keep their moans a little stifled. Still, it makes for a very horny moment when they get satisfied slowly but they couldn’t scream in full sexual stimulation. Other scenes have the women on the floor, doused with buckets of water or jets and streams coming from the monster hoses being used. Their struggle comes with the slithering they perform solo or with partners like snakes in heat. They start licking each other’s front and bumper holes until they reach a point where they are all boiling hot so much so that the sexual steam is so much for them to orgasm one after the other.

In its library, WaterBondage has more than 270 videos to choose from to keep you busy. One member attests that it’s more than a month of frequent use before you reach the entire collection‘s end. The quantity is not the only aspect that is outstanding but the quality of the materials present is way within quality. The videos are mostly in full HD work. The pictures are in high resolution file quality with both materials available for download into zip files.


WaterBondage has a great attention to detail in making the water deep activities reach its niche audience. From one downloadable file to the next, the wetness is spread all over literally and otherwise. The women are all fucked with water that it makes sure this site will become a shrine for submission and the extensive use of water to lick your horny selves and meet your desires in and out of water are within a browser‘s click.


Videos More than 270 Videos
Pics More than 270 Picture Sets
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