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Wicked Review

Site Overview

Let’s imagine. All the hottest pornstars, all in one site. Sounds like a dream, doesn’t it? All of the hottest pornstars and amateurs out there are getting fucked. All of them have their own movies. All of them for one easy payment. It’s the best set-up, don’t you think? Well look no further. Thanks to Wicked, that dream that has only appeared during your REM naptime, it’s now in front of your screens!

Wicked is an award winning site that has drawn countless people to come to their site and fap away at their many movies and scenes made by the hottest pornstars out there. With more than 15 AVN awards by 2015, including best director, best feature as well as movie of the year, Wicked has enthralled so many of the fans out there, be they the common internet fapper or the less common “porn connoisseurs”. You’re gonna love everything about the site: the design, the features, the girls as well as the videos that are available. Wicked is the epitome of porn greatness.

Design & Features

Design-wise, Wicked features a black and white design with hints of other colors here and there, giving off a real professional vibe that gives you the feeling that they mean business here. It’s evident especially by how neat the site is presented to the users. The most eye-catching stuff is placed at the very top, and they’re some of the most important content too. Most of the content in the site are parody ones, so that’s something to watch out for. You can see some of the content on the home page, and though it gives you a preview of everything that’s in the site, it’s just the tip of the iceberg. You’re gonna see a lot of these hot pornstars out in full display in the home page already, but you’re gonna see more and more of them as you delve in deeper into the site.

The site is very easy to navigate to. There are a few buttons at the top of the site that will enable you to see the entire site. Let me just warn you though, the site is really, really big. And all of the content are worth watching and looking at. You might lose track of time as you browse, and browse, and browse, and browse. Expounding more on the ease of navigation part, there are buttons up top, but they’re not just the simple buttons, or tabs, as most sites give out. The buttons have drop down boxes beside them, for you to be able to navigate faster. For example, for the Explore button beside the Home button, you’re gonna see a drop down arrow that gives you a box that shows you some areas of the site that you can visit, say for example the scenes, the movies, the girls, as well as the bonus videos.

If you don’t like the drop down box format then you can opt for the more straightforward buttons that are found on the bottom-most part of the page. There, you can see the same navigation options that are found in the buttons above, but they’re all laid down in full view so you can see exactly what they are without the hassle of the additional clicks that are up above. Not only that, you’re going to see additional features of the site. It must be mentioned though, that the site is one of them pay sites. You have to pay up for a site of this caliber of course. You’re gonna have a very good deal though, as the site has so many of these really good quality videos. Not just some scenes, they’re full length movies. And you get access to even a live cam section, where there are some of the hottest amateur girls that are ready for online sex. Talk about a deal. You won’t get the same amount and quality of hot girls as well as top notch movies as Wicked provides you.

Girls & Videos

The hottest pornstars ever collide and conspire to make all of us porn lovers cum just by how hot they all are. And not just pornstars, you also see all those amateurs trying their hand on some of the best porn out there. To see just what they are up to, you can look up the categories that are available. You have all kinds of niches, all kinds of positions, all kinds of fetishes, everything you know that is good in porn is all here in Wicked. You want amateurs duking it out in public? You want all those wives and mature ladies get fucked even with their stockings on? Fantasizing about doing it in outside with the hottest chick or teacher out there and cumming on their face, tits, or even inside their pussies or asses? You’ve got all of those laid out bare for you in here, in Wicked. There are also the movies.

There are all kinds of movies, and these are all sprinkled with the hottest hardcore sex scenes here and there. Whether they’re parodies of new movies or a reiteration of the classics, or those reality movies out there, they’re present here in Wicked. All of these are presented in the sharpest video quality. At best, you get to up to 4k resolution. That’s insanely sharp, mind you. You should be careful, or you’ll cut yourself. Seriously though, all of these videos can be seen in such quality, it’s absolutely amazing. Every single detail will be given to you, so you could enjoy yourself. If the videos or the movies are simply not enough for you, there are also live cams out there. Wicked has picked you the hottest girls out there. All you need to do is to contact them through Wicked and you’re getting the online sex that you’d want.


With all that content and quality, it’s no surprise that Wicked is one of the best, if not the best porn sites out there. The correct mix of hotness and ingenuity just showed up here in Wicked. I’d give it 20/10 rating if only I could, because this site is just the best there is, covering up all the possible niches and edging out competitors, even if the competitor’s site is made purely for that particular niche.


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