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XSensual presents the hottiest and most sensual porn content that you have ever imagined.


XSensual Review

Site Overview

XSensual is your fit-for-all website with its variety of videos and sexy snapshots. The title shows exactly what you should expect: sexy couples going at it in sensual yet daring ways. Although the name suggests a bit of mystery, the thumbnails on the front page feature an assortment of positions and bodies that point to the site main’s attraction: a fuckfest of partners that suck and lick each other’s genitals before fucking each other until reaching orgasm. The heat of their passion can be seen on the face of a girl that licks the dripping cum of an erect cock in the middle of the front page or on a guy eating a girl’s pussy out like it’s the best tasting desert he ever had.

Their videos are unapologetically celebrating the human body in all its shapes and form: plump ladies are fucked by gorgeous boys or a hunky dude is doggy-stylin’ a delicate chick. Every couple loves experimenting so an assortment of clips going from anal to oral to titfucking and reversed cowgirl are welcoming the viewer that can witness what a good fuck is all about: conquering each other’s bodies with no shame or shyness because sex was meant to be done, not explained. Although explicit, the videos have a certain sensuality that shows how a body can be both beautiful and bountiful as two ladies go at it on a guy’s dick and in the end all three of them end up satisfied and cumming hard.

Design & Features

The website isn’t rich on bling and other accessories such as a comment section or other filter options but the 4k Ultra HD Videos don’t need such things. On each page you have around 50 videos to pick from and the website features many pages of exclusive content. All you need is the time to pick out your diamond from the rest. Moreover, the constant updates are being marked on the top left corner of the website, were a line of text informs you of the date of the last update and when the next one is supposed to roll in. The thumbnails are made from gifs that offer you glimpses of the video you’re about to watch and it sure makes you want to see more and fuck someone like the people on the screen do, or at the very least rub one out from a wish to join them. It makes you hungry for a proper orgasm, being satisfied and pleasured by the sight of a lady taking it deep in the ass while rubbing herself in front of you.

The site follows a big range of fetishes and it features actors and actresses down with anything and everything – be it role playing or other kinks you have in mind. The décor and the props are also tasteful and enrich the action by making the protagonists hornier and wanting to do it until they can’t hold it anymore. The best part has to be the acting – the ladies’ reactions are priceless and you can actually taste the pleasure dripping from their cunts.

Girls & Videos

The girls are slim and sexy, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t one for every taste – if your thing is nerdy, sexy gals you’re sure to find one to your liking. They’re ready to do it on a couch, in the garden, in a dorm or with a friend, just to get that passion taste that comes from another person’s cum, usually the one they helped with their hand, ass or mouth. That doesn’t mean you don’t get vagina action – the main attraction are the classic sex scenes that would make anyone come in a matter of minutes – you can’t skip the girl sucking on her friend’s big boobs while the sister rides her boyfriend’s face. Hair pulling and ass riding – it’s all there and it’s ready to make everyone happy. And if you thought you can only go when you see this, wait until you hear the moans and the sighs of the women as they suck on their main’s balls or masturbate for a private audience or camera man that just happens to be ready to fuck them hard once they get wet and ready for action. Saliva and cum mix together to create the perfect atmosphere filled with pheromones that only turn on the men that end up thrusting harder than they ever did just so they can finally cum on the lady’s tits or mouth, depending on their wish. In the end, it’s all about everyone’s pleasure, including yours.


There really isn’t much you may want that you can’t find on this website – the sex is plenty, for all tastes and of all sizes. It changes scenery, scripts and sexiness just so you can hit that sweet spot of pleasure that makes you groan as the lady in the video orgasms louder and louder. You have piercing, tats, glasses and tits of all colors and sizes, all you need is take your time and navigate the website to find your desired one. If you thought you knew sex before, wait until you reach the depths of this XSensual – positions you never thought you’d try are shown freely and hot shots are getting off in and on ladies all over, just by getting a nice blow or some tongue action on their cock. Good thing women can pull off multiple orgasms, because you’re about to enter endless hours of pleasure just a click away!



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