XBIZ Awards 2013

XBIZ Awards 2013 – The Top of the Porn Business

Probably the most awaited event every year for the owners of companies and performers who worked their way to shine in the world of adult entertainment, The XBiz Awards. Founded in 1998. The Xbiz awards served as the laying table or the results and tallying the performances in a scale that everyone agreed. It’s basic function is to honor the companies,their performers and everyone responsible for the ongoinggrowth of the business success in adult entertainment. In the past many companies have strutted out their beauties and kept on competing for the top company for adult entertainment but found no resolve in making their existence to be recognized official. No other way it was brought out to light until te time Xbiz awards did the job and continued the safe and friendly competing for the awards through freedom of votes from the staff and numerous people and organizations involved.

xbiz awards 2013Winners are then announced in an annual Xbiz Awards. It is created to give life and recognition for those companies who worked every way to give the adult entertainment history it’s right spot in humanity. Categories have been created to stabilize the arrangement of the rightful place of the performers and the performance the make so that their work will be making sense. Starting from amateurs, those girls who loves to have sex on basic camera or DSLR camera with lightinghave been given a privilege to show their talent in adult films. Participation of Affiliate networks and programs with single and multi-platforms. Featuring newbies who wants to embark in adult film journey, beautiful,sexy,hot and girl’s who’s every man’s dream are all welcomed to participate since they don’t implement “forced” invitations. Freedom is one virtue that Xbiz wants to show the world. It gives the freedom to people in adult history to give an image in a way that adult entertainment would not be always deemed as bad disgusting feature of the internet that it should not have been showed to the world at all.

Xbiz is showing an attitude of liberation towards sex in which people would not grow ignorant thinking about it and not knowing something about it at all. That even adult performers, pretty girls gain awards for their works and it is something that truly exists and cannot be denied by any human being. As for many people out there thought out that Xbiz is only a “Sex” thing, I can say you must open the book before judging it’s cover. One of it’s features are Educational, making other people out there across the globe to know about and the how-to’s thing is also included. Other features are Business, in which will open your open your mind about business that is within concern with the Xbiz, with traffic trends, mobile marketing, online dating trends, technology and social networking are just several of the many business stories you could ever find. Xbiz is not just sex industry. It shows purity from it’s contents in which it stands as a mind opener since Xbiz is a magazine that features everything it can. It does not make sense if anyone would say that Xbiz is a company no one should enter or engage, if you’re that guy, you said the wrong words buddy.

It facilitates networking among professionals through business to business relationships, and networking service. Hosting several conferences including summer and winter exhibition conferences. Xbiz helps people connect to one another and share their knowledge regarding many kinds of business and trends that most of the people would find disturbing. Anyone with faith for themselves and opens their mind for new knowledge could certainly find that the said company is not built for “good-for-nothing” issues. It even gives people an opportunity to share their insights and good ideas in making the company’s future better as well as theirs. In the year 1998 Alec Helmy, and adult internet industry veteran, started off Xbiz as a magazine that mainly features adult content and hosts conferences. Brighter lights had shonerevealing the future red carpet walkers as the year 2003 came,Xbiz started giving awards to companies and performers who have been carefully voted by Xbiz staff. In recent years, video categories have been added to widen the areas of the performances and increase the company’s credibility in making it’s future better as well as the participation affiliate networks and organizations. From the awards called “Achievement in movie production” entitles Paul Thomas in the year 2008.

xbiz awards 2013This is an example of an awards given to anyone who captures the sense of adult movies in the staff the most. Acting performances is also given in male and female categories, such as Kimberly Kane whose been on The Sex Files: A Dark XXX Parody (Digital Sin/Parody Revolution X) awarded in 2010. Kayden Kross for Body Heat (Digital Playground) in 2011, and Jessie Andrews got herself in her own spot in 2012 for the Portrait of a Call Girl. For Feature movies we also have a Best Actress, just this year 2013 Lily Carter and Lily Labeau was awarded and a “Tie” for their performance that quite made the notationresulted in such decision. Xbiz is also giving awards for parody release such as 2013 Best Actor for Parody release, Seth Gamble for Star Wars XXX (Vivid Entertainment/Axel Braun Productions). Many more awards are given each year, but they are too many to mention, and that’s exactly how the company’s rate is getting bigger and higher. People involvedare getting committedin the adult filmindustry because they are the people whoreally suits for the job.

They also have this Adam and Eve Productions, that boasts a variety of awards winning titles, it features world class directors and talent. Some avid followers in Xbiz has also the chance for getting into sponsors of Xbiz, the MyFreecams, the largest adult webcam community, models here are paid more than ordinary sites in the adult industry. If it’s not great enough for you, just enter to their main site and surf around for details, such as headline news, feature articles and message boards, to be more professional, it as also features business and a comprehensive company directory of adult entertainment industry. They also have world magazine site in where you can see the market analysis, trend reports and interviews of the online trend setters. Premiere magazine, Digital edition and La Conference for trade expo will certainly give you a picture of how big this company is. Never be late for the updates if you are one of the followers of merely just an audience that love to witness the progress of Xbiz because they are setting new things everyday, from ideas to articles.

Being held at Hollywood,California Xbiz conducts adult entertainmentbusiness seminars, and debates. Trade fair industry gives freedom to showcase their products for potential costumers and investors to choose from. Host of the annual membership meeting is the main conference of the free speech coalition, trade association and advocacy for the adult entertainment industry. Xbiz Summer conference is also made for business to business networking event for the well-known figures of adult film industry. Annually held at The Hard Rock and Hotel Casino, in the past, feature entertainment conference has included porn star karaoke and porn star bikini contests. In March 22,2010, Xbiz had announced to the conference that the débutof it’s outdoor adult consumer event called the XFANZ Summer Expo. It was set for June 10-11,2010 poolside at the same said place.

Featured in London, Xbiz has now it’s Exucutive Awards in place for the year 2013. It is the first ever award to appear on the face of adult film industry wherein the award contains a recognition of unmatched career success, in the number of specialized categories and it is a whole new level of excitement and celebration for the reason that those people who have achievedthat kind of award are considered as people who reached the pinnacle of their respective professions, as they were doing extraordinary job in extraordinary way through playing their role and raising up the names of the companies they worked with, fueling the success of their respective brands. Xbiz will continue to shine no matter what those people say around the world, and unless they explored Xbiz, their life could have never been the same again. Many things are learned only in Xbiz, and considering the world’s population?, just a few of us had really got usedof the basic yet kind of misunderstood concept for adult film industry. Good thing the numbers are growing, and it never stopped, that’s why there’s no wonder, why Xbiz is one of the considered top companies not just for magazine but also in overall-worldwide adult film industry until present.