FuckNDrive Review



FuckNDrive is the best choice for enjoying hot girls and good cars. Its exclusive collection will make you so horny.


FuckNDrive Review

Site Overview

The FuckNDrive is a hardcore porn site that launched back in 2011, and it offers the members hardcore porn videos, which usually offer a bit of fetish and heavy elements too. The whole collection of the site is about fast cars, gorgeous girls and hard sex. If you are into this kind of porn, you will see that the movies here are all scripted, and not just the girls, but those cars and bikes are nicely shaped, and they just fit for a man.

All movies of the site are exclusive, and there isn’t any possibility of watching them on other websites. Every video was shot for the purpose of being published on this site, and that’s why they fit the niche of the site so well. The members’ zone has no advertisements; you will only see what you came here for. As for extra content, you can be glad, because you get access to a large pile of bonus videos, distributed through four other, niche driven sites. It’s a really nice collection, and if you like hardcore porn, shot with gorgeous European cuties, then they are recommended to check, some offer a bit of fetish, while the others are normal heavy hardcore sites.

Design & Features

Taking the tour on the FuckNDrive is a good experience, there is an astonishing trailer which offers an insight on the actually available videos of the site, compressed into 3 minutes (it’s a really lengthy video if you consider the 10-30 seconds trailers of other sites). The rest of the tour lets you to browse the videos’ list, and rest your eyes on the high quality thumbnails, or read the description of the scene. The inner page isn’t much different, in fact, the whole members’ zone looks like the tour page, only there is a menu on the top, where you can get to the bonus sites, or browse the extras. The videos’ list is simple, and you can watch them right away as soon as you click on the thumbnail of one.

All of the extra sites are available from the members’ area, but if you visit them separately, you will see that they all have the same layout, so it will be very easy to go through the content of those too. The movies of the FuckNDrive are available for downloading only, and for some mysterious reasons, you won’t get any streaming options. That could annoy some, but those who like to enjoy videos in the best quality possible, will certainly appreciate the offered files. You can save the videos in WMV format, but MP4 and a mobile format are also available, so every usual option is offered. Each video comes with a matching picture set, which seem to be offer mostly actual photos, not just screen captions. The girls and the cars look very good on photos too, so you should certainly take a look at them, and if you like them, you can save the sets as zip files.

Girls & Videos

The models of the FuckNDrive are all professionals, and it seems that they are mostly those hot and nasty European girls who usually drive us crazy. According to the site’s own statistics, there are 318 different cuties here which mean that there isn’t much chance of seeing the same girl twice in the videos of this site. The girls are mostly Caucasians, and all of them are well-sculpted, nearly perfect, but there some really busty Latinas too. All tit-lovers will find the girls of the site to perfectly fit their taste, because these girls all have medium and large breasts, and if you take a good look at them, you can see that they are mostly natural breasts, which is a fact that just boosts the excitement they can cause. These cute girls are not just good to look at, but they are also really horny, and when they are getting close to a cock, they just get on with the nasty and suck it and ride it, like those cars and bikes that are the other major elements in the videos.

The movies are scripted, and there are always different events that lead to the sex. Sometimes it’s that the girl hit a guy, and to convince him not to call the police she need to suck his cock and let him fuck her in both holes. In another scene you will see that the girls are ‘just’ washing the car and the horny owner comes by, and since he is horny, he just fucks the chicks right and hard. Also, sometimes the girls run into other cars, and naturally, the best way to make the other not to involve the insurance company is to fuck him until he can hardly breathe. So, these are mostly the situations that lead to the fucking sessions, though there are much more on the site, because as you can see, there are more than these stories. What the stars perform in the videos is real hardcore, and there is no mistake in that. The guys are all well-endowed, and the girls are having a great time while they try to tame those big cocks. They suck and deepthroat them, and when it’s hard enough and they are slippery enough down there, the guys start to get on with the heavy stuff: they pound the girls in their pussies, and since this is European porn it’s only expected to feature anal sex too.


The FuckNDrive is a site with a somewhat unique setting, and those who like the Fast and Furious series, will certainly like the videos here, since they feature fast cars and furious hardcore sex, and there is a bit ‘what if’ approach in it, so for those who are fantasizing about what if this and that would fuck, then here is it the answer. The girls in the videos are gorgeous, and if you like the spice of the European porn, then it’s surely a good choice. Also don’t forget to consider that you get a pile extra sites, with more, somewhat heavier hardcore porn.

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