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PascalsSubSluts has lots of contents featuring rough and hard sex. With the daily updates you will have a lot of fun.


PascalsSubSluts Review

Site Overview

This site is the solo website of pornstar Pascal White, who is a Belgian guy, doing business in the United Kingdom. This multiple award-winner performs rough sex on this spectacular website, and he does that with nice English women, professionals and semi-professionals alike. He isn’t too picky, and the girls are really varied, so you will find yourself with some truly diverse and exciting collection. The PascalsSubSluts is very new, it was launched earlier this year, and so the page’s build and the videos’ quality is all modern and up to date. The scenes you will find her are all exclusive, and due to the daily updates, there is always something new and hot for you to browse, and you won’t find yourself without content.

Design & Features

Looking on the site is a good experience, because it has a modern design and the overall look of the tour page is really good. The menu is on the top of the page, and you can reach lots of options from up there. First, and foremost you can get to the videos’ list with the updates button, while the Sluts will take you to the models’ index. Under the About you can read a short description about the site, while the other options, the Home, Members and Join Now are pretty much evident. This menu is followed by a video player, where a trailer is ought to play, though sometimes it doesn’t… no matter however, because under this player you will find a slideshow with thumbnails. These thumbnails also serve as links to the trailer videos, so if you want to get some insight, you should check these clips too.

The members’ zone has the same design, and the layout is only a bit different. There are more menu options, which is also a kind of sorting, because the interviews, the photo set and the two different videos (fuck vids and solo vids) are listed on different pages. For further navigation and scanning a search engine is built in. There are some keyword tags, and it’s a kind of natural that you can rate the scene and comment on them. If you open a video’s page, you will see some tabs above the player, which can help you to get to the other videos of the slut and they are linking the galleries and bonus videos too. The videos are streamed in FLV format, and the in-browser playing will also prove to be a good choice if you prefer this kind of viewing. For downloading, the site offers MP4 files, and with this option, you can get the best quality: 1080p Full-HD for most of the videos, though the first scenes might offer ‘only’ 720p. The pictures shot during sex (also before and after) are all high resolution photos, not just screen captions. These galleries are available for download too, a zip set is offered for each of them. A nice mobile site is also available for the PascalsSubSluts.

Girls & Videos

The girls of the PascalsSubSluts are real slutty women, who are, and who were very eager to try rough sex. These chicks are mostly semi-professionals, though most of them are not strangers in the sex-business. You can find here escorts, pornstars and somewhat amateurish girls who were probably hoping that they can set foot in the porn industry. No matter which category they fit in, the main thing that you should know about them is that they are very varied, and they are performing really well; their level of experience isn’t really matters.

The PascalsSubSluts has a models database, so you can go through the girls’ list very easily, and see if there is anyone who awakes your curiosity and makes you hard. Pascal isn’t really picky when it comes to women, so you can find here busty fresh girls, a bit mature women, and some big beautiful women, who aren’t really that big. For example, one the best cunts the site is Louise Kay, who they call in one of the videos’ title a Meaty Brown Cunt; and this perfect describes this hot, and wild girl. It’s important to mention that this not really gentle male model of the site, Pascal White is also a porn star, and he may not be a too handsome lad, but he is well-hung, and he really knows how to dominate these girls.

The videos are simply exciting, and though the main niche of the site is the rough sex, there are some other videos too. Usually you can see some interview videos, where you get to know the girls a bit better, and they tell about their curiosity or urges that led them to make a video with Pascal White. Apart from this talking the girls are going through a really heavy and certainly rough pounding. Now, this is the real deal if you are looking for hard sex, because it’s not fake, the girls need to do what they are told (e.g. swallowing), they sometimes get their clothes ripped off, and it’s only natural that they are tied up and in some cases they are also gagged. What you can see in these videos is arousing, and if you are looking of this type of porn, you can’t get better than this: it looks a bit amateur, but for a solo site, the video quality and the performance is simply awesome.


The PascalsSubSluts still has a long road ahead that it needs to take if it wants to be among the big ones. It’s certain that there aren’t much solo sites offering this kind of porn, and if there are they are usually older ones with low video quality. Here you can enjoy a large collection already, and there is always new content coming in daily, and though the actual fuck scene only comes on Thursday, at least you got something to watch during the weekend. If you want, you could wait for the end of the week, and play all videos of that week’s girl at once, so you will get a full-round movie, accompanied by photo galleries.

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