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RusTeenSex has tons of horny Russian girls that will make you really hot. Enjoy more than 500 videos featuring these amazing chicks.


RusTeenSex Review

Site Overview

The RusTeenSex is a hardcore porn site that offers the visitors a nice collection of videos, featuring stunning European girls. The mostly Russian cuties of the site are doing very well, and if you like hardcore sex, you will enjoy the collection here. When you browse through the site, you will see that most of the videos here feature couples, but there is a great variety, since a good compilation of solo and lesbian videos is also offered. At this time, you can find more than 500 videos here.

If you think that the scenes on this spectacular website are not enough you should check the bonuses. There are 9 sites included in the membership, which offers you a nice variety of movies. You can enjoy some heavy hardcore sex, fetishes, solo actions and a lot more porn niches are covered. The first time when a video arrived at the site was sometime in 2004, though the site itself launched earlier (at least the domain was registered earlier). The videos here are mostly exclusive, but it’s possible that you have already seen some of them on other websites. It’s safe to assume though that the majority of the content is exclusive.

Design & Features

The free tour on the RusTeenSex is a rather short one. You can browse through a few pages of the videos’ list. Though trailers are not available at the moment, you might get the picture about the content by browsing through the site and taking a look at those thumbnails. You can read a short description about the scenes; the names of the actors are also shown. After you log in, you will notice that the site is a really simple one. It’s easy to use though, and if you prefer sites that are not overcomplicated, then you will find it satisfactory. The main menu is on the top, and you can reach the videos, photos and the bonuses from there.

The scenes are provided in online formats, as well as downloadable files. The online stream offers an average quality, but this makes the videos to buffer quickly, so the playback is really smooth. Anyone who prefers quality over quantity should live with the offered download options, because the newer scenes are available in 720p HD resolutions, which is pretty cool. All things considered, the video playing options are good, and both the online and the offline formats are usable.

As a member, you also gain access to the huge photo collection of the site. There are more than 1000 sets available. These are pretty good quality pictures. You might notice that the number of galleries is larger than the number of videos. This means that there are mostly actual photo sets here, and not all of them came with a video. Each set contains about 50-100 pictures. The mobile site of the RusTeenSex looks really good, and it offers the same options. The tour is also simple, only the thumbnails are available. The other browsing options are also the same.

Girls & Videos

The RusTeenSex has a name, which already tells everything about the girl you can find inside: they are hot and horny, Russian girls. They are also come from the under-twenty age category, which makes them much more tempting to anyone who like hardcore between fresh girls and guys. The models of the site are mostly semi-professionals, though you might find some real professionals among them, who have shot more than one video in the nearer past. All girls are Caucasians, and it’s also pretty easy to depict their nationality: they are all Russians. So, since there are some economic and social differences between Russia and the US, you might notice that these girls are all naturals, and the main reasons behind that are the following: they are satisfied with their body; they are amazingly hot with perfect tits and ass; cosmetic surgeries are not cheap.

However, the reasons are not that important, the most major thing you need to know about the girls here is that they are all gorgeous, and you won’t get the impression that they are all the same. Their tight bodies look very hot on camera, and their perfectly shaved pussies and firms asses will surely blow your mind. The videos are varied, and there is a pretty large compilation here. At this time there are nearly 500 scenes updated to the site. It might not look that much, but you should also take note of their length, since most of them are longer than 15 minutes. The videos offer full intercourses from taking off the clothes, to the moneyshot.

There are solo scenes too; in the event if you prefer to watch videos featuring some stunning cuties playing with themselves, then the collection of the RusTeenSex will satisfy you pretty much. Apart from solo, a good part of the video database features lesbian sex too, so those who prefer videos in which two hot girls get it on with each other then they are in luck. The majority of collections however feature straight hardcore sex. In these videos the couples are going wild in each other’s presence, and they perform very well. Most videos start with some chit-chat, though they get on with the sex pretty soon: the girls suck, the guys often lick, and in most cases vaginal penetration take place, but if you are an anal fan, you should dig into the collection, and you might find what you are looking for.


The RusTeenSex lets you peek into the bedroom of some horny couples in these staged scenes. Russia may not be a hot country, but their girls are, and if you are tired of the all-fake pornstars of the Western countries, you will find the large natural breasts of these girls to be topics of worshipping. Anyone who enjoys watching hardcore sex will enjoy the videos of the RusTeenSex. Since it’s not a standalone site, it’s only expected that it should offer some extra content. The included bonus sites offer hundreds of scenes for you, and they cover a wide range of porn niches.

 Videos  More than 500 Videos
 Pics  More than 1.000 Pictures Sets
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